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Should we bomb Syria? No way. My solution is to drop M1Grands plus ammo all over the country and let them sort things out.

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  • Should we bomb Syria? No way. My solution is to drop M1Grands plus ammo all over the country and let them sort things out.

    Should we bomb Syria? No way. My solution is to drop M1Grands plus ammo all over the country and let them sort things out. I think the Government would be a little more responsible if everyone had a Grand. Best use of foreign aid I can think of.

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    Yew kin drop one of them M1Grands plus ammo off at mah place ennytime.


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      Same here!


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        Have we, as a nation, not had enough foreign intervention where no American interest is threatened, no threat to the nation exists, and we are getting involved with who, we do not know. As horrible as the use of chemical weapons is, no American interest is threatened, and intervention, or retaliation cruise missiles will only fan the fires of hatred for America. The Capon-in-Chief already looks like a clown to the rest of the world, intervention in Syria now will make him look like a monkey with a hand grenade.


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          I'm all for having a garand at my house. But to my point, seems kind of silly having sent all sorts of money to Syria only to end up bombing them, but then again Obama really doesn't seem to do the intelligent thing all that often.


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            I see no benefit at all in it. We are sticking our nose in where it does not belong. It is a civil war. If genocide were occurring or OUR interests were at risk it would maybe warrant intervention but not in this case.


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              Garand's are too nice. Perhaps some chinese made Mosin-Naigant's could be dumped.


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                Back in 1969 at Woodstock, New York the hippies wanted to make love and peace not war.

                One of those hippies got up on stage and played the National Anthem left handed with an electric guitar. Check out the link below.



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                  Yeah, Ah seen him play at the University of Alabama the previous Fall.

                  Some peacenik!

                  He had been indy 101st Airborne.

                  Played in Little Richard's road band.

                  Got his Break in London, jamming onstage with Eric Clapton in a club.


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                    If we oppose the Assan regime on behalf of the rebels with a military response of any sort, we will be doing Al-Qaida's work for them. While I do not question the mandate to react to or punish the use of chemical weapons, nor do I question that chemical weapons were released or employed, I suggest we make bloody certain WHO used them, because I am getting feedback from individuals in the area that the rebels used it to blame it on the Assan regime, and I suggest the situation be investigated thoroughly before we intervene. We can spark a backlash with which we are not prepared to cope.


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                      In fact, Jimi Hendrix nevva wrote or played an anti-war song. The star-spangled banner wuz just an exhibition of how many sounds he could git out of his guitar. One of his goals was to git as many sounds out of his guitar as Little Richard got out of his voice.

                      His other goals were to be recognized as the best geetar player in the world and to become filthy rich. "Rolling Stone" magazine selected him as #1 in the world. One year, he wuz the highest-paid entertainer in the world.

                      His manager told him to grow his hair and took him to London boutiques and dressed him up funny to sell records.

                      In fact , he didn't consider himself to be a hippie. He wuz the wrong color for that. Go git an Easy Rider soundtrack and listen to "If Six Wuz Nine." One line clearly declares, "If all the hippies cut off all their hair, I don't care, I don't care."

                      He wuz primarily a blues player, with some fancy guitar licks thrown in.

                      All this information is available online, in Wikipedia and documentaries on YouTube.

                      Ah wooden comment on US foreign policy cuz Ah, like evvabuddy else here, haven't a clue as to whut's really goin on.


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                        @jimbo~~I prefer a Tanker Model M14 + Ammo,and would like to see Obama get impeached over this! and let Uncle Joe(what a Joke)Run the Show.JMO~ We the Country don't need this.


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                          bayouwood, thanks for the Jimmy Hendrix history lesson. I never knew that about Hendrix being a military veteran.

                          I'm little shocked that you went to see Jimmy Hendrix play rock and roll in Alabama.
                          I figure you to be more of a country music type of guy.


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                            sorry, it was Jimi not Jimmy


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                              Gary -

                              Ah iss entirely interested in Redneck Rock.

                              From Hank Sr to Boxcar Willie to the stuff they played indy 90's.

                              When Ah wuz at Bana, Ah wuzza Marketing Major. Whut interested me most wuz the Selling of the Popular Song.

                              His Manager changed his name from Jimmy, got him on stage with the greatest guitar Legend, and kept him on the road to maximize income, and made himself filthy rich.

                              The economic pressures killed a once-talented musician.

                              Butt he wanted the money.

                              Ah research a lot of people and health issues online.

                              It is fascinating.

                              John Wayne,Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, Adolf Hitler.

                              The Selling of Hitler and the Nazi agenda is not too different from whut's going on in Amerika today.

                              Incidentally, mah anthem is "Wabash Cannonbal", by several artists.




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