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With all the rain we have been having I finally got caught up on reloading - .40S&W, ,22-250, and 6.5X55. Anybody else ready fo

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  • With all the rain we have been having I finally got caught up on reloading - .40S&W, ,22-250, and 6.5X55. Anybody else ready fo

    With all the rain we have been having I finally got caught up on reloading - .40S&W;, ,22-250, and 6.5X55. Anybody else ready for some shooting?

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    I am definitely ready to return to the rifle & pistol ranges. I have a supply of reloaded ammo for the sidearms, and a generous supply of .22 centerfire ammo for zeroing and load development for my varmint rifles.


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      .22 Hornet! Check!
      .270 Win! Check!
      .41 Rem Mag! Check!
      .38 Spl! Check!
      .22LR! Check!
      Yep! All ready for the coming season!


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        Oh yeah!
        .30-30 Win! Check!
        6.8mm Rem SPC! Check!

        If I run low on ammo, I won't have to buy meat for months! LOL!


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          Oh yeah! I'm always ready. I took a couple Boy Scouts out for their first introduction to long range shooting this week. They had the day of their lives with a .223 and a 25-06! They shot a couple of well tuned rifles at 200, 400 and 500 meters. It is amazing how well a novice can shoot with good rifles and well tuned loads. People at the range seemed to be impressed that they were knocking the center out of 3 inch disks at 500 meters.

          I'm shooting a lot of .300 Dakota and 30-06 in preparation for my elk hunt. I am lusting after a new scope for my long range rifle. I'd like to get something with graduated reticle so I don't have to fiddle with the turrets on a long shot.

          I'm still testing powders for the .300 Dakota trying to find one that is as fast and accurate as possible at 1000 yards. Retumbo is in the lead at this point over H1000, RL25, IMR4831 with the 210g Bergers. I've achieved some pretty amazing velocities but I just haven't hit that sweet spot for 1000 yard accuracy yet. I have one load that will work but keep trying to tweek.

          It took me two months of searching to find a pound of Retumbo in Atlanta so I am being stingy in my approach to load development.




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