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7mm-08 or .308? i've already got a .280 rem, so i'm not sure if i need a 7mm-08. i'm only using it for whitetails. what do you g

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  • 7mm-08 or .308? i've already got a .280 rem, so i'm not sure if i need a 7mm-08. i'm only using it for whitetails. what do you g

    7mm-08 or .308? i've already got a .280 rem, so i'm not sure if i need a 7mm-08. i'm only using it for whitetails. what do you guys think?

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    If you already have a 280, I wouldn't bother with either. I would save my money and go hunting, or put a high quality scope on the rifle. Maybe even buy a good pair of Swarovski binos.
    That 280 is one of the most versatile rifle cartridges around and will easily do anything the 7mm08 and 308 will do... and then some.


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      Need is different from want! The .280 Remington is a most versatile cartridge for everything from small pigs to elk and moose with the right bullet. Unless you want to bump up to the 7mm Weatherby Magnum or 7mm STW or RUM, I would say you have the .284 bore covered. The 7mm Rem Mag is marginally better than the .280 on paper. Nice to have a .308 Win around for most hunting and shooting chores, too!


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        The only thing a 7mm08 or .308 would give you is the chance for a short action rifle. Otherwise, the .280 can do for almost everything except the big bears.
        My most accurate rifle, ever, was a .280.
        Five .284 bullets made a hole .387.


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          The .308 will give you (if you're a handloader!) a wider bullet selection.Other than that, there is no significant difference.
          Now, owning two rifles in different calibers? PRICELESS!


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            If you have a .280 for deer, you're fine.


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              As all have said, the .280 will outperform either that you are considering for deer hunting. You might consider hand-loading it with different sized bullets than you currently use. It is so versatile. I really like the small-for-caliber bullets (like Hornady VMax or Barnes) for speed and accuracy. The 180g Bergers are also tops for long range accuracy that surprises most deer hunters.

              If you must get one of the two you mentioned, I'd suggest the .308, since you already have a great 7mm; especially if you get a highly accurate one. They are fun to shoot, have outstanding long range target accuracy, and expose you to larger bullets. I'm not one to push toward better bullet selections in either caliber because the bullet selection is outstanding in both calibers. For deer hunting in thick brush, a round nosed 200g-220g .30 caliber bullet is pretty effective.


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                .308 by far. More power and it has the all powerful 30 caliber bullet.
                -The Kid




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