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Hey guys I posted a picture of my groupings of my tikka .300 win mag. Feel free to check it out for some of you asked me to put

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  • Hey guys I posted a picture of my groupings of my tikka .300 win mag. Feel free to check it out for some of you asked me to put

    Hey guys I posted a picture of my groupings of my tikka .300 win mag. Feel free to check it out for some of you asked me to put it up.

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    Good Photo you need to tighten up the grope if your going to shoot at 300Yd, But most important make TIME to Zero in,let the Barrel to cool between Shots, its TIME well spent....just saying


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      I suspect you have a shooter there! Congratulations! Tikkas are good rifles. Keep up the good work!.

      You will have to really work at it to avoid picking up a nasty flinch though. I suspect that may be what happened on your last shot. You might also be picking up some barrel warp as it heats up since most Tikkas have relatively light barrels for that hot round. Most flinches land high and a little to the right if you are right handed. It could also be your scope demonstrating parallax which causes the point of impact to change as you move your eye around a little behind the scope. That won't be a problem with a Leupold but many other less expensive scopes have parallax. More shooting will let you know. Getting a consistent cheek weld helps on all cases.

      While practicing with a .300 I recommend shooting with an empty chamber ever few shots to train your mind to squeeze the trigger slowly without affecting the point of aim. It is even better to have someone load your rifle one shot at a time while you practice, occasionally leaving the chamber empty. It is real easy to pick up a flinch with a .300. You are right to use the Lead Sled for practice. That really helps too. Just don't put extra weight on the sled as it might crack your stock. The .300 puts out big recoil with hunting loads. Best of luck with your new toy. You may have already found a load that is well matched to your rifle.


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        Thanks Dakota man this has been a frustrating project for me for years. Being in school has skewed my time quite a bit from getting the rifle thing down. It's night like bird hunting were you pick up the shotgun and a box of shells and head to the field. Now that I am finishing school I am really wanting to get more into big game hunting and I'm sure I am heading in a good direction.


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          Forgot to mention... a LimbSaver butt pad is a great investment if you don't have one. It really tames the .300 and helps a lot in avoiding flinches and adds to your enjoyment by reducing felt recoil.




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