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There could be a vote tomorrow, 4/11 on gun legislation - including background checks. The following is a phone number to get t

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  • There could be a vote tomorrow, 4/11 on gun legislation - including background checks. The following is a phone number to get t

    There could be a vote tomorrow, 4/11 on gun legislation - including background checks. The following is a phone number to get to your State Senator. There are a lot of discussions going on right now regarding various anti-gun legislation at the State and Federal level. Here is a number to get you connected to your Senators office to express your opinion. Call the number below. [A recording] will ask if you want talking points - just hit 1 to bypass that. [The recording] will then ask for your zip code to pass you on to your Senator. They will only bother sending you to a pro-gun senator in an attempt to get you to sway them to vote anti-gun. [When you're patched through to the senator's office,] let them know you oppose any new gun control legislation. Feel free to pass this on to your pro-gun family and friends. 855-440-4800

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    Thanks for the number but considering I live in California I doubt Feinstein and Boxer care what I think, and at the state level it's not any better.


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      I agree with jhjimbo on calling your representative but I would also suggest that you ask questions too. I made a nuisance of myself with Senator Manchin's office about this until his chief of staff called me and spent just over 30 minutes explaining and discussing the Manchin-Tooney amendment with me. While I'm not a fan of expanded background checks per sey, I'm a bit less apprehensive than I was. He is to send me a copy of the bill to read and I agreed to spread the word if I agreed. He told me that b/g checks at gun shows would be conducted by FFL holders who are already there, probably for a fee or percentage, same as across the counter. But, there are also some good things in there. CCW permit holders will be excused from b/g checks as they have already gone thru one to get their permit, it will become legal to buy handguns in somewhere other than your state of residence (it's high time for that!), and anyone caught compiling b/g check info for registration data base purposes will be guilty of a felony and looking at as much as 15 years in the pen. Understand, this is what I was told and agreed, as WAM said when I shared this with him, politicians have been known to shade the truth, but once I read the bill I will be happy to share more with you on here. Anyway, do call your elected officials, let them know where you stand, but also ask lots and lots of questions. Regards, all.




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