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There are a lot of discussions going on right now regarding various anti-gun legislation at the State and Federal level. Here i

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  • There are a lot of discussions going on right now regarding various anti-gun legislation at the State and Federal level. Here i

    There are a lot of discussions going on right now regarding various anti-gun legislation at the State and Federal level. Here is a number to get you connected to your Senators office to express your opinion. Call the number below. [A recording] will ask if you want talking points - just hit 1 to bypass that. [The recording] will then ask for your zip code to pass you on to your Senator. They will only bother sending you to a pro-gun senator in an attempt to get you to sway them to vote anti-gun. [When you're patched through to the senator's office,] let them know you oppose any new gun control laws and also add you do not want the Senate to ratify the anti-gun small arms treaty by the U.N. Feel free to pass this on to your pro-gun family and friends. 855-440-4800

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    Done and done!
    Strangely, though I had to go through the "electronic jungle", I was actually connected to a real, live, "person"!
    Thank you, Dr. "NO"!


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      I called just now and got to talk to a live person. My Senator, Rob Portman, has already expressed his feelings that we do not need any additional gun legislation so i said to thank the Senator for me.
      I also mentioned the large number of background checks that are rejected with only a very few prosecuted. She was not aware of that and said she would forward my comments to the Senator.
      I urge everyone to try to get to their Senator and express your feelings.


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        I listened to the talking points at the above number and they are pushing S.B. 649. An AWB and high capacity magazine ban. Call and express your opposition to this Bill.


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          I called also and it only gave me one of my senators offices. I took the time to write, again, to both senators and my representative in the house to state my opposition to any stricter gun control laws. If you haven't written to your congressmen do so as well. The more we flood their offices with emails, letters and phone messages the more the point will be hammered home.


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            The New Jersey Senators are Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg. Two of the biggest anti gun politicians in Congress. Every year the NRA has given them a score of “F minus” since they were in office. You will never guess their political party.

            Calling them would be like calling the Devil in hell, and asking him to start acting like a Christian.




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