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I sent a few $$$ off to the NRA today. With this massive fight going on i can imagine how expensive the lobbying in Washington

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  • I sent a few $$$ off to the NRA today. With this massive fight going on i can imagine how expensive the lobbying in Washington

    I sent a few $$$ off to the NRA today. With this massive fight going on i can imagine how expensive the lobbying in Washington is going to be. If you have a couple $$ to spare you might want to help them in this 2nd Amendment fight. This time they even have to fight ads like N.Y.City Mayor Blumberg is putting on and is spending $12 million of his own dollars. The opposition anti-gun effort is everywhere. I do not know a better organization to support that will defend the 2nd Amendment like the NRA.

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    I think it's strange that many of the gun control advocates are in favor of decriminalizing drugs because our laws prohibiting possession of drugs don't work.


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      jhjimbo - I've been pondering sending a few bucks myself. I renewed my membership not long ago, but this fight is worth the extra money, if for nothing else, to fund the law suits that will challenge the unjust legislation that is passed.


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        jhjimbo, you did the right thing.


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          If your Not a Member JOIN NRA NOW on Line.

          STAND and FIGHT


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            Do you know what is really sad? Gun owners who don’t belong to the NRA or any other pro gun group that fights with their paid Lobbyists to protect your Second Amendment right.
            I have a friend who goes to pro gun rallies and he owns forty to fifty guns, but he is too cheap to join the NRA. That blows my mind.


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              I sent a few bucks a couple weeks ago and renewed my membership early as well. I've got several friends that talk the talk but won't support the NRA. Both say the NRA doesn't really provide what they are looking for for some reason. They are the first to complain though.


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                For the naysayers; just ask them who else provides what they are loking for?

                Same with the slob hunters who contribute neither time nor money to conservation groups like DU, RMEF, PF, NWTF, etc. Takers and not givers....


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                  Life Member NRA
                  Life Member, Sponsor Member, Donor, Chapter Committee Chairman RMEF
                  Member Ducks Unlimited

                  So WAM puts his money where his mouth is!


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                    To 99explorer: I think the government would love to declare a "war on guns" so it can do what is has done with the "war on drugs" - build police force empires and militarize police outfits even in tiny towns, and use laws in the name of these wars to further erode our rights.

                    The "war on drugs" and "war on terrorism" has done a great deal of harm to diminish our Constitutional rights regarding privacy and property. A new war on guns could just about finish off most of what is left of our rights, because without the right to bear arms, how are we going to enforce the other rights?

                    Getting back to the NRA: If you have friends/acquaintances who keep coming up with excuses to not join the NRA, here is a suggestion. If you are able to, ask them if you can purchase a one-year membership for them. Hopefully after a year, they will decide to keep up the membership themself.

                    Paying the way for hunters/shooters who can loudly comlain about the 'welfare' folks but really does something similar by not contributing to the protection of their own interests can be a tough pill to swallow. But at the end of the day, it's another member on the rolls of the NRA, and you can bet the politicians are counting.


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                      Proverbs, it’s a great idea but I don't think it will work. Some Sportsmen are very selfish and only care above their own guns. We have guys on this website who don't care about the Diane Feinstein's gun list. Why, because they don't own any of those guns on her hit list.

                      God Forbid if one of their guns lands on a gun ban list, then the cheapskates will all get active involved and wants to join the NRA.


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                        Your money went to the right place, to fight the good fight. For all those that will not join the NRA, suggest they join their State rifle association. Sometimes, the state orginazition does more on issues that are closer to home for some folks. For those who are members, renew, contribute, or upgrade your membership.
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                        STAND AND FIGHT!




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