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How do you tell if a scope is powerfull in terms of seeing at a distance? Also is a 20x40mm or a 6.5 20x44 any good or have good

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  • How do you tell if a scope is powerfull in terms of seeing at a distance? Also is a 20x40mm or a 6.5 20x44 any good or have good

    How do you tell if a scope is powerfull in terms of seeing at a distance? Also is a 20x40mm or a 6.5 20x44 any good or have good seeing distance?

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    A 6.5-20 is good if you do most of your hunting watching fields but if you plan on possibly having to make a shot while walking through the woods, I'd go with a scope that could be turned down to 3x or 4x. Also, go for a scope with as much eye relief as possible, it's easier to get on your target faster if you're not trying to find the one spot you can see clearly through.


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      The way to tell if a scope is powerful is by determining the objective lens power. My future Leupold scope is going to be a 3.5-10 X 40. The number 40 means 40mm. objective lens. The objective lens power can fluctuate anywhere from 20 all the way up to the 60mm range. Army and other tactical scopes probably go higher. Now the 3.5-10 part of the measurement is the magnification factor. 3.5-10 means you have the option of adjusting anywhere between the range of the first two numbers. Some scopes don't have an optional magnification, most commonly they do. 20X40mm is not an optional magnification so i probably wouldn't buy it, but YES it does have good seeing distance. 6.5-20X44 has great range of visibility. If you want great performance from your rifle scope, go for a Swarovski or a Leupold. Both are expensive, but are worth it. Leupold comes with a lifetime warranty and they will fix your scope or replace it for free. If you want quality, but not as expensive. Go with a Bushnell or Nikon, Sightron also has great performing scopes. Good luck finding the right scope.


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        Well done Reid... I like the 3.5 to 10 for deer or coyote hunting in most conditions too. You can use the 3.5x in the trees and the 10x allows you to see well out to about 400 yards. If you anticipate running game, you will want your scope on 3.5x so you have a large field of view and can see not only the deer at 100 yards but about 100 feet of surrounding terain as well. This is a large enough field of view to be able to pick up running game in your scope very quickly... often making the difference between getting a shot and not getting a shot. The 6.5x25 is a great scope for shooting targets and varmints that are standing still. Remember, on 25x, you could only see a deer's face at 100 yards... if the deer moves, you will have to look around the scope to determine where on earth it went. It is rare to get a deer to stand still long enough to get by with this high magnification. The 6.5x is a little large for hunting in the trees and for picking up running game but it will work in a pinch. I'm with Reid on his favorite power scope. I use 3.5x10 scopes on my dangerous game, deer and coyote hunting rifles and I use that power in the trees and medium range (out to 400 yard) shooting. I use a 6.5x25 on target and varmint rifles and bigger is better. I can shoot very accurately out to 1,000 yards with that. I would like a 40x for very long range shooting and targets but they have just been too expensive for me so far. I buy used Leupolds for most of my rifles so I can get a high quality and reliable scope for a reasonable price. I can't tell them from new and if I did have an issue, Leupold would fix it with their warranty. I would rather get a used good scope than a poor one I could afford for serious hunting.


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          Agreed with Reid Jones and + 1 for you sir!!!




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