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Does anyone load for a Weatherby with the long throat? What should I do with it? If I extend bullets out near the lands, they ar

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  • Does anyone load for a Weatherby with the long throat? What should I do with it? If I extend bullets out near the lands, they ar

    Does anyone load for a Weatherby with the long throat? What should I do with it? If I extend bullets out near the lands, they are too long for the magazine... seems I should just forget it and load the standard overall length. Advice?

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    What cal? and yes seat your bullet to standard lenght.I own a WBY if you need more info let me know the cal. and I'll tell you.


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      I always use a dummy round to see if it will fit into the mag. If not then it's a moot point.


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        As far as I know all Weatherbys have free bore. You will have to seat your bullets to the depth dictated by magazine length or use the rifle as a single shot which more than likely you don't consider an option. I have a similiar problem with very high BC bullets and my Ultra but only due to magazine length. With long almost needle nosed bullets I am unintentionally creating my own version of free bore.


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          That freebore is there to aleviate pressure by giving the bullet a jump before it hits the rifling. If you seat bullets out long to shorten that jump you negate the freebore and could cause pressure to go up. Not a good idea unless you lessen the powder charge. You should load it the way it was intended. It should still be plenty accurate enough for big game hunting. My 300 Wby shot 1" groups with 200 gr Partitions loaded to 2900 fps. Sold the gun years ago-can't remember the powder charge.


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            For years and especially in the 4 years in Alaska running the Base Range, I reloaded tons of 300, 340, and 460 Weatherby. My 03-A3 has far more free bore than the Weatherby and I have absolutely no accuracy or performance problem because of it. If touching the lands would give you better accuracy, then why does Hornady and Speer 100 grain half jacketed bullets cut the same hole at 100 yards with 2 grains over max loads in my 03-A3 30-06! According to the Old Farts tales, those bullets should be hitting the rifling sideways!!!

            This stupid practice of Reloaders believing to seat the bullet until it barely touches the rifling is the best way to blow your head off! To many times I had to assist shooters to open the bolt with a giant rubber mallet or to kick the bolt open with our boot to remove the stuck case and if the bolt did open the case was still stuck in the chamber and had to remove it with a metal rod thru the muzzle to knock the case out and by the way this leads to broken ejectors and stressed and damaged bolts and actions. If you didn’t shoot, the bullet was pulled out of the casing to remain stuck in the barrel requiring once again using a metal rod thru the muzzle to knock it out.

            Just imagine this happening on the firing line or out in the field, you would look pretty stupid and in case of a bear charge “NICE KNOWING YOU”!

            I have witnessed this time and time again and if there was any validity to this practice and being a Competition Shooter myself, one would think I would be the first to use this practice RIGHT? WRONG!

            Bottom line?

            Use the recommended “OAL” (Over All Length) set forth by the reloading manual period!!!

            If you decide to use this practice?

            Please put me on your insurance policy so I can cash in on your stupidity and thank you for taking yourself out of the gene pool!

            Stupid people, here’s your sign!

            stupid, JUST STUPID! RRRRRRRRRRRR!


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              Del has it correct. Keep it like the book said.

              Clay, lighten up a bit...


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                  Thanks guys. This is a stock Weatherby Featherweight 25-06 with a 1 in 10 twist. I am finding fairly accurate loads by sticking to the standard OAL but many loading manuals and lots of bench shooters profess improved accuracy by seating about .015 behind the lands. I do that on most of my competition rifles and high BC bullets (where I have to single load). I realize that seating this close also creates higher pressure but I do work up to the right loads if I am doing this. The Weatherby presents more of a challenge doing this though because of the long free bore and I was wondering if I should forget even trying if you all experience good accuracy with standard OAL. I appreciate the advice and am now step testing a variety of bullets/loads at standard OAL and will just stick with the ones that are most accurate. This is a hunting rifle only and I don't have to do any point competition with it. So far I have only tested a few and am getting around .400 inch groups with some loads and that will be good enough for hunting. I may find a better load yet though... it seems to be more of a challenge with this rifle than most others I have developed accuracy loads for. And no offense taken from Clay... it is always good advice to be careful on this. I just haven't had much experience yet with this long freebore and am working up all loads from the low end of the manual spectrum.


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                    The free bore is something that you will have to live with in most cases; there has been people that have had the free bore removed and rechambered; this is costley and in most cases does not give you any more accuracy and most of the time you have to reduce your loads. The free bore acts like more case capacity and allows you to load to higher velocity loads.
                    With the varity of powders and bullets weights that are out there; I am sure that if you work up a load starting with recommended charges of powder; load three at a time and work up by 1/2 grain loadings until you aproach maximum load. The best load that I have found for the 340 was a charge of 85.5 grains of H-4831 sc. pushing a 225 grain nosler accubond bullet.


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                      Agree with Del in KS answer above and A + 1 for you sir!!!




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