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I've considered getting one of those .32 ACP chamber adapters for my .30-06 for some cheap short range practice, and so I can ki

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  • I've considered getting one of those .32 ACP chamber adapters for my .30-06 for some cheap short range practice, and so I can ki

    I've considered getting one of those .32 ACP chamber adapters for my .30-06 for some cheap short range practice, and so I can kill varmints around the house with a big rifle just for fun without horrifying the neighbors. I could see how this could be a bad idea. If it somehow gets stuck, it has no bottom to tap it out with. The one I'm looking at buying I've seen before and it's machined/milled very well. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

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    Shane: I don't have a clue about the adapter but unless you reload the .32s you won't save much. I gave away a Beretta .25 because I didn't want to reload for the little SOB. A box of factory ammo costed as much as a box of .45 ACP which I had much rather shoot.
    Recently a local guy accidently shot himself in the thigh with a Raven .25. He drove himself to the hospital where radiology and probing indicated there was in fact minimal tissue damage. The little bullet drilled right through both sides of his leg without striking a major blood vessel, nerve, or bone. They found the bullet after it had passed through the seat of his automobile and stopped against the floorpan. It appeared that it could have been reloaded and fired again. The guy said it hurt like hell. He was trying to unjam the tiny pistol like many others that have done similiar things. You guys be careful with those small automatics and don't buy one for any unexperienced new shooter.


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      I've never heard of such a thing. Where can I go on internet to see what your talking about?


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        sportsman's guide.


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          I don't believe that you could buy a 32 acp adapter for a 30 caliber bbl. but I do have a small amount of information that you may find helpful. A young man came into my shop one day and said that he had a 30 cal. carbine adapter stuck in his 30-06 rifle. This device had been shot in place for approximately 150 rounds and the owner said that the accuracy was quite good, but the thing would come out. eventually I was able to free the chamber but the cost was substantial. my advice would be to stick to the factory chamber and handload.


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            I have a 32 adapter for my 308 Encore - will shoot 32 s&w, s&w long, and HR mag in my 308. 32 s&w expensive but sounds like a cap gun out of my 14" Encore and takes squirrels without destructive damage. I reload but not that little thing so am going to switch to HR mag with light load. Also have 22rf adapter for my encore 22-250. VERY successful. On internet enter chamber adapters or mca. The company is MCA and make a large number of adapters. If you follow their instructions I doubt if you will have to go to the gunsmith to have one removed.


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              Good answer forge36024 and + 1 for you sir!!!




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