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Hey I'm looking into starting reloading my own ammo. Besides primers, brass, and all of that. What are the most important things

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  • Hey I'm looking into starting reloading my own ammo. Besides primers, brass, and all of that. What are the most important things

    Hey I'm looking into starting reloading my own ammo. Besides primers, brass, and all of that. What are the most important things to have to reload your own ammo. and how much does everything together cost on average?

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    I'll let you check the catalog at or but you must have the following to start:
    1. Press - RCBS Rockchucker OK don't need anything fancy.
    2. Powder scale - balance beam OK - you have to get it very accurate.
    3. Dies for your caliber (full length sizer and bullet seater are standard for a set of dies).
    4. Lube and lube pad(to lubricate the cases before sizing) I use a tube of STP for lube
    5. Case trimmer (use Lees for your caliber - about $5.00) to make sure your cases aren't pushing out too long after firing repeatedly.
    6. Champhoring tool. Get one to do inside and outside to take the sharp edges off the case neck after you trim it.
    7. Small funnel for pouring measured powder into case.
    8. Something to clean cases... I use a tumbler but you can order liquid products to clean the brass.

    You don't have to have these but once you get going, the following tools are nice to have:
    1. Tumbler for cleaning cases makes it easy
    2. Volumetric powder measure for throwing loads faster... generally not as accurate as weighing
    3. An electronic powder scale lets you load them fast.
    4. Neck brush for cleaning the inside of the necks.
    5. Primer pocket cleaner/reamer for cleaning it
    6. Plastic boxes for carrying your bullets
    7. A load book (I like Barnes) but until then, you can find lots of load data on the web
    Good luck and happy loading...


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      Get the reloading manual FIRST. Read it , then get the rest of the stuff.


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        May I add to Ed J, Need to find a person preferably shoots competition that reloads. The average chamber pressure is 52,000 psi and when that barrel blows is well over that like a bomb!

        I prefer a single stage press; you can do more with it including making your own cases!

        Mr. Jones, be careful and don’t get into a rush in doing so. I wish you were in the local area, I would be more than glad to help you!


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          One of the most important tools in my reloading room costs the least. It's a 3 X 5 box of index cards. I turned the alphabetical index cards that came with the box around and put each caliber and gauge I reload on a card. I keep notes information about the loads and how they perform on each card. If you were in LA, (Lower Alabama) I'd be glad to help you.


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            Agreed with Ed J answer above and A + 1 for you sir!!!




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