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Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x50mm riflescope. What's the price range on it? And what do you think about me putting it on my future Ruger

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  • Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x50mm riflescope. What's the price range on it? And what do you think about me putting it on my future Ruger

    Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x50mm riflescope. What's the price range on it? And what do you think about me putting it on my future Ruger M77 Hawkeye 25-06? And what is a Tactile Power Indicator with Graphite 0-Rings for Easy Operation. What the heck is that, and what does it do?

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    Personally, I think 40mm is a better choice. Ample light gathering, smaller, lighter, and sits lower on the rifle.

    Tactile implies that there is a means to operate it by feel instead of sight. If you look at the power adjustment ring there is a bump/knob, so you know you are turning the right adjustment. Plus it gives you a little more leverage to turn the ring.

    O-rings are used to seal the circular parts of the scope. I can only presume that the graphite O-rings used to seal the power adjustment rings help provide some slipperiness to make turning the knob easier.

    Price is in the $500-$660 range, depending on reticle and finish.


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      MLH is right 50 mm is overkill on the Objective lens.
      I bought a brand new with sealed box VX III 3.5 X 10 X 40 for $415 bucks on Ebay. Mine has the Boone & Crockett Reticle which is more expensive. The plex reticle is really all you need. That was the best price I could find. It is mounted on my Kimber 25-06 with leupold rings. Last fall I killed 3 deer with 4 shots the first hour of opening day using it.


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        oh thanks guys.


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          I use that scope on my 25-06 for deer hunting and I am very happy with it. Things I like:
          - Gives me about a half an hour more hunting each day because it picks up light much better than the 40mm Objective. I can see things through the scope that I can hardly see with the naked eye.
          - The low end magnification is fine for shooting in the timber and running shots.
          - High end... good enough for deer at almost any reasonable range. I use the plex reticle and that is fine since deer hunting is only out to about 400 yds and I can estimate range and holdover OK.
          Things I don't like:
          - I have to put on another scope to target shoot and prairie dog shoot. 10x is not enough to put that cross hair between a prairie dog's eyes at 300 yds.

          Bottom line: It does what I bought it for extremely well. Don't get me wrong, I have probably shot thousands of prairie dogs with a 3X9 but bigger is really better there. By the way, I accidentally dropped my rifle out of my tree stand last year (about 20 feet); thankfully I didn't have a round in the chamber! It bounced about 3 feet when it hit and ricocheted off a couple of trees! I trecked out of the woods and tested the zero... RIGHT ON! I haven't had to make a change since I bought it.


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            Agreed with MLH answer above and A + 1 for you sir!!!




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