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I just bought a brand new Savage .17 hmr from cabelas and it has a tactical scope, any good ideas why its so hard to sight in, a

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  • I just bought a brand new Savage .17 hmr from cabelas and it has a tactical scope, any good ideas why its so hard to sight in, a

    I just bought a brand new Savage .17 hmr from cabelas and it has a tactical scope, any good ideas why its so hard to sight in, and is there an easy method of sighting it in? Plus which nobs do i need to adjust in the field and is there any i shouldnt touch while hunting? sorry the instructions that came with it weren't so clear

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    set it up on a bench, and fire a shot. If the bullet is shooting high and to the left, adjust the knobs to move the bullet either left or right. It is quite simple and shouldnt take more than a few shots, maybe more if you want to get it ultra accurate.


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      Please elaborate. Are you having trouble getting the holes on paper? Or are having trouble getting the cross hairs lined up to the holes? Was the scope attached to the gun when you got it or did you put it on?


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        If you consistently buy your own scopes from mail order, gunshows, private sellers, you should invest in a boresighter. If you buy a scope at a sporting goods store, they should boresight it for you. It's cheap and should at least get you on paper at 100 yards. You'll save time and valuable ammo doing so.


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          i bought the boresighter from cabelas that is built mainly for the .17 hmr but it fits loosley in the barrell even withthe correct rings so i dont trust it. i have a hard time using the nobs to get it sighted in, one day itson, the next day its off. the scope was on it when i bought it.


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            Yeah some of them do. I would take the boresighter to the gun range and boresight it there and then shoot at 25 yards until it prints on paper 1st. Then I would shoot and sight it in at that range, since it is a rimfire, and then sight to 100 yards if you want.


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              Not sure what you mean by a tactical scope. For a .17HMR I would just set the scope at 100 yards and not adjust it in the field.

              I had two .17HMRs. One was extremely accurate. The other was so horrible I sent it back to the factory twice and then traded it in. Some super-small bore guns need to be cleaned often. Just clean it carefully since the bore can be damaged by the rod. Make surer the muzzle crown is not nicked or otherwise damaged.

              If the groups are small, then it is probably related to the scope or mounting screws. I'd take off the scope and rings and start all over. If anything is loose then that is probably the problem. You can try the scope on another known accuracy gun, to make sure it is okay.

              Be sure to read the owners manual for the scope - there might be instruction on how to re-center the reticle and mount the scope.

              Use BLUE Loctite (not red or green) on the ring base mounting threads. Make sure the rings are aligned. A one inch dowel or rod can help. Use an inch-pounds torque wrench if you can. Lap the ring bases if you have a lapping tool.

              Mount the scope loosely, determining the appropriate eye distance. I don't use Loctite on these threads but some people do. Align the vertical reticle with the centerline of the bore and tighten the screws evenly left to right and front to back. Double check eye distance and reticle. Torque the screws. Then bore sight and shoot at 25 yards. Then work your way to 50 yards. Then to 100 yards.

              Hopefully, this will take care of it.


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                Agreed with Hunter4life answer above and A + 1 for you sir!!!




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