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Ok im thinkin bout buyin a new rifle for deer and bear and i have about $350-$450 and im trying to figure out what the best cali

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  • Ok im thinkin bout buyin a new rifle for deer and bear and i have about $350-$450 and im trying to figure out what the best cali

    Ok im thinkin bout buyin a new rifle for deer and bear and i have about $350-$450 and im trying to figure out what the best caliber would be i live in the northeast and im not the biggest person so i was wondering about recoil as well

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    A used rifle in 270 will do the job. Good for deer and with the right load it will work for black bear.


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      go with a 30-06


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        It depends on what type of terrain you hunt in. If it is mostly evergreen forest or heavy woodlands where shots are under 100 yards a good used lever gun (I like Marlin) in 30/30 or 35 Remington is more than capable for deer and black bear.

        If you will hunt more open country where you will have an opportunity to shoot out to 250-300 yards a good bolt action in 7mm-08 Remington or .308 Winchester would be more than enough rifle. For your Price range look at the Savage model 11 or 16. You should be able to find the Model 11 easily for the amount you want to spend. The model 16 is a stainless gun and can be had new for just slightly more than your bank roll. I have seen them used in good condition for about what you would pay for a new Savage Model 11. Savage makes these two models with many options and also left hand models.

        As for the cartridges, the 7-08 is a mild kicking, flat shooting cartridge available in most any outdoor store. The .308 has a bit more recoil but not enough to cause you problems. It is very widely available.

        Now is a great time to look for used guns. With the bad economy many folks are unloading unwanted or unneeded guns to free up some cash. This is a plus for you!


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          Look at .270's or 30-06's. They can be bought at good prices and here are two places you can look. If you don't like it, check with a local firearm store.


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            I recommend 30-06 for you.




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