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I have a "project" - an M98 Mauser variant that begs to be rebarreled. I contacted E.R. Shaw and was pleased with their prompt,

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  • I have a "project" - an M98 Mauser variant that begs to be rebarreled. I contacted E.R. Shaw and was pleased with their prompt,

    I have a "project" - an M98 Mauser variant that begs to be rebarreled. I contacted E.R. Shaw and was pleased with their prompt, professional response. I know they've been in business for some time, but can anyone give me feedback about the quality of their barrels?

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    The barrel is the center and heart of it all and everything must be in tune with it. From barrel whip to bedding and much much more. Spend the extra $100.00 and do it right, listen to Mr. Shaw what he has to offer. Always go to the next higher item that exceeds your abilities and use for one day you may achieve that ability. You cannot shoot master scores without the ability of equipment to do it with!
    And above all, don’t get a oddball cartridge unless you can reload and make your own cases! I make 338 Win Mag out of 7mm Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag. Also make 25-06 out of 270, 280 and 30-06.

    6.5-06 would not be bad??!!!!


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      Thank you, Mr. Cooper. There is a specific reason why I've chosen the 6.5x55mm cartridge. I've already got a stockpile of new and fired brass, Redding and RCBS dies, Go/NoGo chamber gauges, a "history" with the cartridge, and a variety of bullet weights from the previous 6.5x55mm, which was remarkably accurate. The cartridge choice is not in question; I want another 6.5x55mm because it suits the tasks for which I'm building it and it's entirely compatible with the action that will provide the foundation for the rifle. Previous experience with Shilen, Hart, and Douglas Premium barrels has been gratifyingly good, but I've not used E.R. Shaw barrels. I'm aware the management has changed since last I spoke with them and wondered if anyone had experience (positive or negative) with their quality or customer service. I fully agree with your comment, and I thank you for your input.


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        Your looking for buyers of Shaw barrels and I'm not one, yet. I'm thinking of a re-barrel and chamber job so I've been reading all I can on many different blogs including but not limited to F&S. Everything I've read about E.R.Shaw barrels has been positive, BUT, from reading your post here and in the past, I think you may be more than a hunter needing hunter accuracy. If your after bench rest accuracy, while not putting down Shaw, I don't think his barrels fall into the same category as the three others you mentioned. Don't forget Pac-Nor. Of course there is the extra price for these barrels, which for hunting I don't need. My re-barrel job (when the time comes will include a Shaw barrel) will be converting a 30-06 that I will stumble upon at a gun show and its owner will practically give it to me and I will convert it to a 35 Whelan. If that doesn't happen


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          If that doesn't happen, I'll convert one of the two 06's I do have.


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            Mr. Palumbo . . .

            I have a 26" medium-to-heavy weight E.R. Shaw barrel on a .280 AI rifle built on a 1917 Lee Enfield Action. I did not personally have the barrel installed; the rifle came that way.

            When I do my job on the reloading and aiming end, the E.R. Shaw barrel and the Lee Enfield Action do their combined job on the 280 AI shooting and accuracy end. I've had very good luck with Nosler 120-grain Ballistic Tips and 130-grain and 145-grain Sierra Matchkings using loads right out of the Nosler and Sierra Reloading Books.

            By the way I define "good luck" in terms of accuracy as 5-shot groups that average well an inch, and sometimes in the vicinity of 1/2 MOA. I don't get this kind of accuracy with every load and every bullet I've tried in this rifle, but the E.R. Shaw barrel does a very good job with the above-listed bullets.



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              I thank you for your responses. My compliments on your .280 AI, Mr. Davidson. As a .280 Rem fan, that's a cartridge I find particularly interesting, and I hope it continues to serve you well. Your taste in rifles and cartridges is very sound, and I appreciate your comments and input.
              Jim in Mo, I agree Pac-Nor makes a praiseworthy barrel. I live near Portland (OR) and Pac-Nor is about 7-8 hours' drive south. They made a very good impression when I called to discuss rebarreling my Rem Model 600, and they'll get that task when the time comes. That's another good recommendation.
              Good shooting, Gentlemen.




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