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Does anyone here have experience shooting a Remington 770? If so what caliber? How did it shoot? The more details the better ple

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    I have a 770 30-06 . the optics that it came with are now on my sons .22. I replaced them with a Nikon. But the gun?! Its my favorite field rifle for the $. I have put about 80 rounds through it in about a year. (20) rounds due to improper installation of my scope. Never the less. Now i have not shot anything over 250 yards (750 ft) but I am extreamly accurate at that distance. Now I find that I do need to let it cool down after 10-15 shots because I seem too start pulling or droping shots.. The bolt gets a little ( tight and stiff ) chambering a new round might get you too take your eye off the redical due to this! I recommend this rifle to any new hunter or stalk n walk hunter.




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