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    Dakota, I found the original article which must have been reproduced in the Norma web site where I saw the last barrel obstruction test. . Scroll down a couple paragraphs to 'testing the Mk-5 action- I was wrong, there was some minor measurement changes.
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      Originally posted by DakotaMan View Post

      NICE! I consider the Vanguard model to be more reliable and more accurate in general. They don't normally finish them as beautifully but they shoot. I put a Weatherby deluxe stock on one of my Howa 1500s and it looks as good as a Mark V... almost too beautiful to take into the dirty old woods. It is a 30-06 that shoots 110g target bullets in tiny .1" groups and Barnes 168s in .4" groups. I favor function over beauty but do admire beauty as well.
      My 25-06 shoots .750 all day with factory ammo. And the black finish is almost velvety smooth.




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