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    Originally posted by DakotaMan View Post
    Sure Fitch, I've used several every year since I retired in 2009. I normally just buy the actions, true them, Cerakote them and custom fit all the parts. All of those custom built rifles shoot lights out. I either shoot them myself or participate with my friends as they hunt or shoot them. I hunt with a Rem 700 Sendero circa 2005 that I bought cheap because it shot 3-5 MOA (minute of angle) groups. I bedded it and it now shoots around .2 MOA. One of the defective actions mentioned above I chambered in 25 Creedmoor and shot it in F-Class Open competition (75 rounds per match) last year just to work it through its paces. It shot real well until I burned out the barrel at 1475 rounds (I shot it hot in the summer heat). The other defective action (re-worked) I mentioned is being shot by a close friend weekly in a 6mm Dasher for long range targets and 1000 yard P-Dogs. I talk to him nearly weekly to check on its performance. I now shoot another one chambered in 6mm Dasher in 600 and 1000 yard competition. I shoot too many others to bore you with here.

    I've also tested, bedded and developed loads for many factory 700s that my friends own just to help them out. In most cases their new rifles have shot in the .5 MOA range or better after I finished with them (this is with factory barrels and actions). Most factory rifles I've seen with factory ammo are new rifles that shoot from 1.5 MOA groups to 10 MOA groups until I finish working on them. Of course, I don't test a lot of my friends Rem 700s that work fine as they usually don't need help on their rifles unless they have a problem with them. Most know I build custom precision rifles. I've seen and shot a lot of Rem 700s that shoot around 1 MOA or better out of the box but there are typically bedding problems with most of them.

    As an example of the problems:
    One factory 7mm Win Mag ($350 Walmart ADL) shot 10" groups at 100 yards because of the cheap Tupperware stock with poor bedding. After epoxy bedding, it shot .4 MOA groups at 500 yards with factory ammo. He just got a nice 10 point elk with it two weeks ago.

    Another factory .308 Long Range model with heavy barrel shot 3 .5 MOA groups when new. After bedding and load development it shot in the .1 MOA range. That's right... all the bullets go through the same tiny hole.

    I bought a .243 ADL in 2000 for $400 at Walmart. The best I could do with it was 1.5 MOA after load development and bedding. I finally took the barrel off and threw it away. I trued the action and did a custom build with it in 6mm Creedmoor. It now shoots in the .2 MOA range out to 1000 yards.

    In 2019, I helped a good friend with his factory new LR .338 Lapua. It started out at 2 MOA but after bedding, working up a load and putting a different muzzle brake on it, it now shoots in the .1 MOA range... quite a very long range rifle indeed.

    I won't bore you with more but suffice it to say, I pull the trigger on a lot of Rem 700s (and have for 25years) and like them. I tell everyone to epoxy bed them as I have never seen one shoot worse with bedding and I've seen a LOT of them shoot remarkably well once bedded. If I were Remington, I'd make a line where they pillar bed the stock, true the action and put a dab of epoxy bedding behind the recoil lug at the factory. The added cost would be under $50 and they couldn't make enough of them in spite of New York laws.
    I have had good luck with 700's. Have two now - 7mmRemMag and a -06.
    Question: can a -06 700 be reamed to .35Whelan with new barrel and no other work?
    Question: if you take a bedded action off a stock does it need to be re-bedded?
    Pics are some 700's - several I was shooting off hand 100yds.
    Correction, there is no 7mmWinMag.
    There is a 7mmRemington Mag.

    There is a 7mm Win Short Mag, different cartridge.

    Are your actions ghost actions ? Are you a mfg ?



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      Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

      Can a -06 700 be reamed to .35Whelan with new barrel and no other work?
      If you take a bedded action off a stock does it need to be re-bedded?
      Are your actions ghost actions ? Are you a mfg?
      Yes, you can take a standard 30-06 action and screw in a 35 Whelen barrel with no other modifications other than relieving the barrel channel if necessary (if the barrel is a larger contour than the 30-06 barrel).

      I "skim bed" every epoxied stock when inserting a different action in the stock. The measurements of each Rem 700 action/recoil lug are slightly different. You just need to remove a little epoxy and redo the bedding. You could conceivably just move a Rem 700 action to another stock that was bedded for a Rem 700 as long as you use the same recoil lug. You may have to relieve the recoil lug slot in the new stock to fit the recoil lug because they are all likely to be significantly different. This wouldn't likely be as accurate as a complete skim bed but it would be much better than the factory bedding. Stocks must be pillar bedded because the action screws will bend the Rem 700 action in most stocks. That was the main problem with my 25-06 Sendero. No pillars (or internal metal frame) meant you could see the action bend as you tightened the action screws to 45 in/lbs. It's even worse in polymer stocks.

      I do not make ghost actions and am not a manufacturer. I am just a hobbyist who buys and registers all serialized receivers with my local FFL. If I'm making a rifle for a friend, I have them pick up the serialized receiver/action at the FFL and register it to them. I have the barrels, stocks, rails, optics, triggers, parts, etc. shipped directly to me so I can customize and assemble them. I have a Cerakote oven and do the custom painting myself. Although I could do it, I send bolts out to get bolt faces bushed and custom bolt fluting done.




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