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Mentoring is fun and important

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  • Mentoring is fun and important

    Sometimes the level of accuracy hunters/shooters attain, is due to some teaching or lack of it-You have to get the fundamentals down.
    Sometimes the level of accuracy at short or long ranges is also dependent on the weapon's capabilities, and how easy it is to shoot as well.
    Add those two together, with a couple of other things, and you can see improvement and success.
    I worked with both of these folks before they ever fired a shot, and I am very proud of them.
    Tuesday afternoon I was able to spend some time with Jake and Cheyenne. Jake needed to chronograph some loads for a elk hunt, and do a little bit of practice on steel out past their maximum hunting distances. Of course, I brought out a couple of specialty pistols, that I thought they might enjoy shooting as well. Jake put up an 8 inch target at 420 yards, and then we placed a 10 x 12 target at 595 yards. After the chronographing of a load, and confirmation of drops, I pulled out a couple specialty pistols and both of them shot my BCG center-grip 280AI XP-100.

    Cheyenne was the first to shoot it.

    After some dry fire practice, she hit the steel at 595 yards on her very first try.
    After multiple hits, it was Jake’s turn, and Jake also hit the target couple of times, with his very last shot being dead center.

    They had a lot of fun, and I would not be surprised to see one or both of them do some hunting next year with a XP-100. This is the longest distance they have ever made on a target. I guess we’ll have to set a target even further next time

    Jake may be hunting with a XP-100 for whitetail in November now.

    Here is a video of Jake shooting it.

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    Here I am thinking a good 6” barrel .357 mag. With an optic would be a long way. Silly me.
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      Completely different type of handgun.
      You can do a lot with a scoped 357 Magnum by the way😍


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        I have done a bit of mentoring. Adults and kids. In my limited experience, I had a blast as well as the "mentee*"(?)!

        * - yeah, I know it's not a word. Kind of a "pun".


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          I liked it..."mentee"


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            I enjoy that too Ernie. Folks would be fortunate to have you as a mentor.

            It seems to me that most people are not aware of the phenomenal accuracy of modern rifles, pistols and optics. It is pretty normal that novices are able to do such feats of accuracy with a precision firearm that is set up for the range they are shooting. I've had a few bystanders watching newbies at the range and being amazed at their accomplishments. Several times I've heard "Who IS that little girl or who ARE those guys? A they national champions or something?"

            My favorite was a 10 year old girl who was so excited to shoot a gun for the first time and she had a ball. She drew quite a crowd at the range as she kept plugging tight little three shot groups in little housefly pictures at 100 yards with an AR15. She was elated when I gave her the targets to send her brother stationed in Afghanistan. He was elated too and that made her day.


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              Very true.
              Folks who have not shot distance, or have never watched what a well-made firearm is capable of when properly set-up (accurate load, good trigger, good glass and a solid front and rear support) are usually quite surprised. If I had taken my bench pistols or F-Open rifle set-up on my MAX Rest or MINI-X Rest or my F-TR rifle set-up with my JOYPOD-X that would have been even easier yet.
              It brings joy to me to watch people succeed at things they didn't know was possible.


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                Originally posted by Ernie View Post
                Completely different type of handgun.
                You can do a lot with a scoped 357 Magnum by the way😍
                I don’t have the time to practice properly and it would not be fair to the deer. I could not in good faith go afield with a scoped pistol and think I would be doing my part to ensure a quick clean harvest of an animal. So it will be a pipe dream for now.


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                  Good stuff Ernie !


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                    What Pmacc said, good stuff, Ernie. "It brings joy to me to watch people succeed at things they didn't know was possible." I have not been anyone's shooting mentor, other than when I taught Hunter Ed. and we had the day at the range, but I've helped quite a few youngsters learn to fish, canoe, and camp. It's good when you teach them something they use to succeed; feels even better when you give them something and they take it and go upward from there on their own.

                    Dewman's mention of the girl with the AR15 made me think of the Hunter Ed. courses when the students would be shooting clays. Several times over the years, the best wingshot in our class would be one of the smaller kids.
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