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Judge Overturns CA "assault" weapons ban

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  • Judge Overturns CA "assault" weapons ban

    I think this was one of those late Friday afternoon things. And the judge compared AR type rifles to having a swiss army knife.
    The judge wrote that the firearms banned under the state’s law were not “bazookas, howitzers or machine guns,” but rather “fairly ordinary, popular, modern rifles.”

    Now the conundrum. If CA appeals, as they all want to do, this could get kicked up to the supremes, and a nationwide ruling on a right to own an AR, or Modern Sporting Rifle as the industry calls them.

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    I avoid these post like the plague but Lord help me, I can't this one. I think this is a setup. The west and east coast blame the Midwest for them not being able to control the violence. The only way to appease them and end scapegoating us is to make this a national issue. No more states saying, "You do what you want and we will live as we see fit." The live and let live status quo as got to go, along with guns and every other facet of constitutional American life as we know it. If they can get to the Supreme Court and make it a national question then they win either way. Court says ban is ok then the push to get other states to fall in line gets easier. Agree with lower court ban is wrong and it rally's the court restructuring (packing) fanatics, forever ending 3 seperate but equal branches. When due process dies, freedom dies. Unassailable truth. Make no mistake the West coast, east coast liberal elite are glad this occurred.




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