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  • Finally put it together

    Got bored the other night. It takes up less space in the gun safe assembled than in bag and boxes. Did it all without a vise block or fancy assembly jigs. Have to redo the barrel nut waiting on an 1 1/8 crows foot. But you get the idea.
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    Nice looking rifle there, 'dawg!
    How's she shoot?

    How did you get the barrel nut torqued down without a vise block?

    BTW! Congrats on a good looking build!

    I use a vise block for barrel installation, but that's about all.
    I have picked up some assembly tools like the detent pin/spring on the front take down pin.
    I've made several of my own little tools.
    My old arthritic hands, I have a hard time getting the pin in the bolt release. So I figured out a pin that holds everything in place. As you drift the roll pin in place, it pushes the guide pin out.
    The first 4 or 5 guns I assembled, I banged the daylights out of the left side of the lower driving the bolt release pin into place.
    I tried the blue painters tape. Meh.
    Still a ding or two, but better.
    Found a piece of clear plastic about the thickness of a playing card. No more scarred lowers.
    Use drill bit shanks to help start fire group pins. That helps.

    Made a holder out of a well used plastic cutting board.
    It holds those little, tiny, roll pins until I can get them started.


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      Put the nut on and just bumped with a crescent wrench. I’m a mechanic for a living I’m paid to figure things out. 35-80 inch pounds is not a lot of torque. And I have very nice roll pin punches. I have most gunsmithing hand tools already just no specialty tools yet. I just happened to have a couple of uhmw 3/4 thick by 4x4 blocks laying around. So that helps. Haven’t shot it yet haven’t found a bcg or a charging handle I won’t pay what they are asking for them. May just pull them out of my pistol. I can’t make myself pay what they want for a brace it’s highway robbery. a little trick I found that helped tremendously was to take a small file and chamfer the edges of the roll pins a little. Putting the gas tube on the block was not going well until worked the end of the pin a little then things went smoothly same for forward assist and bolt catch. And standardized parts my arse. The handguard would fit my Anderson upper but would my aero. Had to use the small file to open it up .008. And the aero upper the ejection port cover rod is about .10 to long. My other handguard same brand fits but barely. Anyways it’s not done just out of room on the shelves in my safe. So I threw it together. I put all my ammo on one side since it’s gotten sky high. Never thought I’d fill a 50 gun safe in my life boy was I wrong. My has started calling it the place where things go to not be used. She doesn’t get it lol. Oh and I used an antique Stanley nylon faced hammer for assembly and started to use antique punches but thought better of it. I also have a set of watch makers punches some where going to try them on the next lower. Bought them at an auction for 5 bucks. Best 5 I can remember spending in a long time. Anyways I’m rambling I have high hopes for it accuracy wise the barrel to upper fit is very snug almost tight with no retaining compound. And the polished trigger with 3.5 pound springs is nice for an el cheap o . The nickel Teflon was out of stock. Waiting on the two sig sauer Romeo5 I ordered to show up now.


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        Nice job dawg. FYI, I got a tool that inserts from the rear into the back end of the barrel extension. You can lock it in a vise and torque the barrel nut to your heart's desire. It is also useful for installing and removing barrel extensions and muzzle brakes without twisting receivers.


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          Originally posted by DakotaMan View Post
          Nice job dawg. FYI, I got a tool that inserts from the rear into the back end of the barrel extension. You can lock it in a vise and torque the barrel nut to your heart's desire. It is also useful for installing and removing barrel extensions and muzzle brakes without twisting receivers.
          Is it a bev block by magpul. I’ve been looking at getting all the proper tools. Just to make it quicker and easier.




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