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Trrump's legacy on guns.

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  • Trrump's legacy on guns.

    Here is a brief synopsis I just received from a friend.
    As a journalist, I report on guns and gun violence, not political campaigns, but I did once see Donald Trump speak in person, at the 2018 NRA convention in Dallas. The event provided a rallying point for one of his most ardent constituencies after Trump had weathered pressures to institute gun reforms in the wake of the Parkland school shooting. The massacre, which occurred just three months before, prompted Trump to briefly appear to retreat from the strident pro-gun rights message he campaigned on and consistently threw to his base as red meat.

    Waiting in the press box, I expected Trump to roll out a list of gun rights talking points. Instead, his meandering speech focused largely on other topics — from Obamacare, and immigration, to Kanye West. His fans in the audience rejoiced, but there were hardly any takeaways on firearm policy.

    As we watch Trump’s administration fade into history, I thought of that rally as I began to assess Trump’s rhetoric vs. reality on guns. Many of the traits that define Donald Trump also defined his track record on gun policy: blustery, erratic, and shallow.

    “It’s been a very mixed legacy, and overall, potentially a great disappointment for gun rights advocates,” Adam Winkler, a law professor and gun policy expert, told me. He noted that a number of the pledges Trump used to court gun groups were not executed, from banning gun-free zones, pushing national reciprocity for concealed carry into law, and reversing suppressor regulations. In fact, his biggest contribution to gun policy was a restriction — the ban on bump stocks after the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.

    Check out my story here. — Alain Stephens, Western correspondent
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