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  • Americans

    This link doesn't scare me I'm proud Black Americans are recognizing their 2A rights.
    Even if they disagree on other issues.

    Your thoughts?

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    It's a weird split by the media and politicians.

    Leftist Media can't use their standard lines and tropes so they try to minimize coverage.

    Closeted Racist Politicians or Opportunistic ones immediately call it a threat while celebrating and encouraging white americans to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. So either their playing to a racist base, stoking fervor among their opponents by pretending to play to racist base, or they are actually racist.

    Seems beyond hypocritical to claim that 3% percenters, promise keepers, and many other are fine upstanding citizens exercising their 2A rights, and that NFAC, BGOA, NAAGA and others are probably criminals and a threat.

    So. Anyway. I support Black Americans buying owning and carrying firearms, if I was a black man in this country I'd probably EDC.




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