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What do you do with spent primers?

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  • What do you do with spent primers?

    Make "new" primers?
    A bit crude, but hey, in a pinch it would be better than a sharp stick! LOL!

    This thought provoking post brought to you courtesy of THIS thought provoking link!
    The availability of reloading components!
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    I saw this done with Match heads before too.

    I'm curious what's in a cap gun cap, haven't played with one since I was a kid, but modern primers are made from lead azide, lead styphnate and tetrazene derivatives.


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      NVM I found it, seems like it's a blend potassium perchlorate, sulfur, and antimony sulfide, seems like the old timey primer blend just in lower quantities, should work well enough.


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        There have been articles over the last several years how manuf. are changing formula of primers to remove lead. Here is a in depth scoop of what they are substituting. You should not notice any difference in performance with the new formulation - so they say. Don't know when change over will be complete.

        The primer made by NORMA and the process of installing the primer is a fine example of physical and chemical engineering. An interesting read. The primer and shells are what our Olympic shooters use.
        I doubt our Olympic Team will switch to the new compositions any time soon.
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          Great Article Jimbo! Thanks! bookmarked that one.


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            I toss them in the trash. But perhaps I should be recycling. Shotgun primers have real copper collars that must be worth some cash for scrap. I'm sure I could modify my old MEC single stage loader to press out the center steel primers.




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