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    Trust me Jimbo, I know. The problem comes into play when you would try to swap components between the assemblies and they don't fit/work that's when for sure you have a stack problem

    I don't recall for certain, as I've said, I've been day drinking and this bottle of 1800 is almost gone. Let's see what I can piece together:
    • I remember asking to see the rebooted Red Label line and being told "no" even after having signed an agreement (at the time I was really excited for one and was considering buying one)
    • I want to say I remember seeing the LCR before they expanded to the LCRx (.38spl only) but I can't remember if I actually saw that or if I was prepping for it in the interview it's fuzzy from the tequila, but I want to say that they were definitely not looking for someone to touch their new designs. Those had all been carefully laid out and were efficient with good prints and stacks. They showed me a comparison between prints for their legacy stuff (hand drawn) and new modern cad/cam.
    • Some of their Manufacturing engineers were really on point on the new lines, even testing and spec-ing which specific multi-axis machine they were going to put on what line
    • Pretty sure I was looking at GP and SP lines, I think I may have asked about the Redhawk and SuperRedhawk and my fuzzy memory tells me I definitely asked about those lines but I did not see them
    Hmm, I remember leaving there thinking that they were going to make me an offer, but they never called me back. Kinda sad cause at the time I think they had a back log of something like 3yrs because of all the demand with Obama coming into office.

    Not so funny story about big green. A few months before said interview with Ruger, I was interviewing at Big Green in Elizabethtown (wink wink for those in the know). I know I am a bit plastered right now, but I for sure remember them telling me that they weren't looking for new designs or cool new stuff, they were looking on how to make their existing designs cheaper. Remington hasn't been the Remington of old for quite a while. I think Ruger and T/C mostly stepped up to fill that market niche.


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      Buckshott00, the old Win M12 shotguns were assembled from mass produced parts that were stoned to fit by hand.
      You can still find used/remanufactured parts for the M12. With stones and a diamond hone, fitting isn't difficult, just time consuming.
      Point being, I'll wager those "legacy" guns are top notch.

      BTW, that process was the death knell of the M12.


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        If you want to see some amazing rifle/shotgun hand manufacturing check YouTube for some of the famous English makers. Amazing what they go through and they are not afraid to show you in their video's. They know no American manufacturer could make a living producing a firearm like they can.


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          Guys, I'm not saying handmade guns are bad. You can have some of the finest most amazing smoothest actions ever if you invest the time and effort into handmaking.

          I just don't see that on a productions line. I think that's part of why they wanted me there. They were trying to figure out how to get more money out of those lines without replacing those lines.

          Time is money, and if you take too much material off, you either have to scrap the piece (more money) or you have to try and salvage it against a mating component that's too large.

          They looked at me like I was growing a third arm out of my head when I talked to them about EDM machining and burning to finish as a potential way to get cylinders produced. Admittedly, they were unfamiliar with the process but meh.

          tolerances and statistics! remember a lot of pieces on a firearm are actually "wear" components and nothing lasts forever.


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            This sums up my opinion of modern 870. They are a marvel of modern manufacturing techniques. And not much more I have one and probably will never use it. I’ll stick with the old 11-87 in the safe.


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              Haven’t heard the the term full stack in a while.


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                Haven’t heard the the term full stack in a while.
                What, you no like-a da pancakes?




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