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    Originally posted by CD2 View Post
    I would think the bolt rotation on the 742/7400 before unlock to be the delay, spreading recoil over a longer period, perceived then to be less (never mind the operating system under the forend adding weight).

    Don't think they designed the delay as much as got the delay by design.
    Could be wrong.

    Have had three 742's and w 150's they were soft shooters. Did not run the heavy weights, due to bolt rail concern. All of mine were .30-06, supposedly the most prone.

    Pristine carbine, suffered from Mini 14 itis. Cold it'd put the first shot 1" high at 100. But after that first shot, bbl heat up was wicked and the next rounds were 7-8" low. Nice group the hot shots, but way low. Not acceptable.

    No wonder the old gun was like new.

    Did not test is unscoped (where the heat up would have front sight track w rear. Scoped........bbl warp is not "attached" to aiming system (the problem many found shooting Mini 14 ranch rifles scoped).

    I might try a 7400 if I can find a deal.
    But I have a bolt .30-06 so dunno what chambering I'd go for.

    As for the .444 Marlin. I'm not a lever guy, and not a Marlin guy.
    A pump in .450 BM sounds better. Or a double in .460 S&W
    I guess all rotating bolts have an inherent delay to give the brass a chance to relax, otherwise they would not extract.




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