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    Originally posted by Milldawg View Post
    Well we all know my affliction with 25-06.
    I dont know that I'd call it an "affliction"! LOL!
    How about "affinity"?

    The whole point, 'dawg, is that we all have a "gun" (rifle, pistol, shotgun) that we prefer, regardless of caliber, or cartridge.
    Whether it's 30 feet (and I've shot them that close!) with a .30-30 or 300 yards with a .300 "mangle-'em", the result is the same.
    Venison on the table.


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      Desired result is the same.
      Actual results may differ.


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        I like the .222 rem and .243 win for varmints.
        My dad however is a .22-250 fan.

        Shot some w .22 Hornet and .223 (plus a few others). No thanks.
        .222 for watching the hit. .243 for long D whacks.

        Deer? Have only been allowed HP rifle the last few yrs here.
        .243 and .35 rem what I've used.
        Bought a .30-06 but it'll sit til next yr I reckon.
        Have used .44 mag and .,357 in handgun, and the former in rifle.

        Various .50 cal MZ and a bunch of 12 ga shotguns. Rifled bore 870 my choice there.
        But they whop ya pretty good.
        Yup, Rem 760 in .35 rem is the pump gun these days.

        I liked my 7 mag BDL.
        Might get another for long range, or a .25-06. Dunno.
        Pops went silly and had his Savage 110 in Fajen stock rebarreled to 6mm Norma BR.

        I'd like to shoot a deer with a .256 win. Maybe in a Contender rifle.

        Do think the 6.5 Grendel a cute cartridge. Too hot to run in an old style Contender frame though.

        Like the .22 magnum too. Sav/Anschutz 141M is on the list.

        Really though, I have all I need and should use them more instead of adding more.
        Reminds me, need some 165 Core Loks to run through my Steyr, see how they do.
        Might be taking it easy Sunday and just go to the club to shoot.




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