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A chink in our armor.

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  • A chink in our armor.

    The Supreme Court just declined to hear Remington's appeal, allowing the Sandy Hook lawsuit to go forward.

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    It is about the advertizing. How Big Green marketed to youngsters the idea of dealing death with their product.

    Total BS.

    They should win it.

    The kid was of mental problems, and killed his own mother to steal her gun.
    Doubt a video game with product placement paid by Remington made him do it.

    My guess is that at worst, this will be like cigarette ads. No advertizing on race cars or TV. Yet the product still legal.

    And that one known to cause disease and death when properly used.

    IMHO the SCOTUS should have thrown it out. It is ridiculous. But I think this is from an advertizing angle. Should be easy enough to win.

    Bet Bloomberg has a lot of money in it, to come from that angle.

    The kid was messed up. His mom was messed up. Even so he murdered her to gain access to the gun. Hell, why don't they sue the car manufacturer that enabled him to get to the school?

    Seriously, the kid did it. His fault. I do think his mother of some blame though.
    Got a screwed up gotta face reality and letting him shoot guns, having guns around.........was just a bad idea.

    Obviously she thought he'd never kill her to get them.
    She thought wrong.

    Just like the ones that do straw purchases and other for their thug kids........"but he's a good boy". BS.

    Got a problem? Face the reality of it and act accordingly.
    Lanza was messed up and pushing him as functional was a false dream of his mom.
    She and others paid the price for her nonsense.

    It aint Remington's fault or that of their advertizing.

    Never have I seen an ad that says " gun so cool, kill your parents and then whack kiddies with it".

    Total BS. Yet big money liberals have put Remington on the defense.
    Even if they don't win it, the liberals will play this game to where the opposition goes broke.

    Its a tactic, push nonsense to bleed the enemy dry.

    Its IMHO actually quite evil.

    And why the 2A needs to stay intact.

    Because this has nothing to do with grieving parents or dead kids. They are being leveraged for something more sinister. Shame on them for going along with it.

    And to hell with the lawyers and others playing this game.


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      Basically, the Supreme Court decided not to rule on Remington's reliance on the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to dismiss the case without a trial.
      There are several exceptions to the protection of that law, and the trial court could possibly find that this case fell within one of the exceptions.
      When this case is finally decided in the Connecticut trial court, it will probably come back to the Supreme Court on appeal, because the stakes are so high.


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        If Remington loses they will go bankrupt and reorganize as a different Company.
        One exception to the protection act, if it existed then, was the faulty design of the gas tanks on the Ford Falcon and the resultant fires from rear end collisions. Chevy had the same thing with tanks on the sides of the P/U trucks.
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          The lawsuit challenges the federal law that generally protects gun makers from legal liability when their weapons are used in crimes.
          The families argue that Remington violated Connecticut's Unfair Trade Practices Act by recklessly marketing the rifle to disturbed young men like the Sandy Hook gunman through product placement in violent video games and advertising pitches like "consider your man card reissued."
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