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Scenes of note from the gun range.

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  • Scenes of note from the gun range.

    Coming home from dove hunting yesterday we drove by the shooting range. Fairly good crowd considering the time of year, the temp, and relative obscurity of the location so we stopped to bs with a couple guys we know that were there. The first item of note hammered home the point I made in the question of "Ar for hunting?" Couple fellas watching a guy take down his AR he had been shooting then reassemble after someone else moved the pcs around and I believe did a little extra breakdown. All while blindfolded. He was 10 yrs old. The another moment was 2 fellas sighting in their deer guns. Wanted to do it in relative privacy and they only sight in their rifles, they don't do any practice shooting so this was their one and only annual range trip. I'd say, 3-4" groups, probably 10-12 shots each, both shooting 300wsm's. From bags, 25yds. Go get 'em boys. Which tied in nicely with our friends who were practicing with their concealed carry 9mms at 50 yds, off hand. They hit the 12" shoot 'n see about half the time. I have no comments, no questions, just passing this along as something to ponder and maybe get the mental gears turning. Stay safe fellas, the heats coming back one more time. Oh, I only got 7 doves with I believe 10 or so shots. It was slow.

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    Interesting and thought provoking.

    Reminds me of an instance back in my early 30's when I was first learning to hunt deer. I'd read an interesting pamphlet given out at the local K-mart written by Jim Carmichael about deer hunting. One illustration of shot placement was a bird's eye depiction of angles on a deer like this..

    Carmichael had also discussed hold over and sighting in with respect to bullet drop, etc.

    Dad and I had split up that morning, I carried an unscoped M1 Garand with it's battle peep sights, and he with his old Winchester Model 94 in .32 Winchester Special, also with just factory iron sights. Shortly after sunrise I heard him shoot one round. But we'd agreed to not meet back at the truck until 10 so I continued sitting in my tree stand. Later, as I walked up to the vehicle, there was Dad and a spike buck he'd shot. Wow!

    Of course I was very curious about the details. So, I asked for the story. He said he'd followed a hill and looked across the small valley to see the deer standing about 100 yards away. That's when he shot it.

    Hmmmm... I wanted more, saying "Dad, you're using a 170 grain load and that .32 Special has the ballistics of a .30-30 so there can be a drop at that distance, depending on how you've got the gun sighted. Were you sure it was 100 yards? So, where did you aim? Did you hold on the heart/lung region or did you hold a little high to account for any bullet drop?"

    He hesitated, looking at me like I was some kind of idiot. Then he said, "Son, I just shot the deer."

    That's when I first realized, just maybe I was putting too much thought into this...
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      I am a Jim Carmichel fan myself. I tend not to criticize others' choices but I do try to see where they are coming from, often times without success.


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        I hear ya dewman. Sometime's I just scratched my head too when seeing some of the actions of others at public ranges. Fortunately, I now belong to a private range that's only 8 minutes away. I schedule shooting time during the week and most of the time I'm the only one there.


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          I belong to a club with surveillance cameras at the ranges.
          Members are expected to treat the ranges as their own property, sweeping up their brass and taking down their targets.
          Very high rate of compliance with about 800 members.


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            We also have good compliance of members cleaning up after themselves. No cameras but we do have a guard checking membership cards on the weekends.


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              Our 50’ indoor range is used for handguns and rimfire rifles. You’re not allowed to shoot from in front of the stations due to splatter risks, but even from just 50’ there are a lot of stray bullet holes in the backers from short barreled edc weapons. Hitting 12” targets from 50 yards with that style handgun isn’t easy.

              The kid’s name didn’t happen to be Forrest was it? No offense, reading that reminded me of the scene in the movie.


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                Fitch270: No problems. His blindfold was his fathers KC Royals hat pulled over his face, covered his eyes & nose. There were one or two pieces he had ahold of either upside down or backward that his daddy had to coach him on, but still only took him a couple minutes. Surely less than 5 anyway. CONFESSION: I fired the one fellas Glock(don't know model) 5 times at their 12" target 50 yds and never hit it. Don't know how people do it.




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