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  • Muzzleloading

    Two questions guys one cam i substitute steel ball bearing for round ball if same or slightly smaller diameter in my traditional muzzleloader amd what is a substitute for 12 ga shot gun wads

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    Can you substitute steel? I suppose you could, just not a good idea. Even intermittent contact with steel will eat up the barrel.
    I don't know about the plastic wads.


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      I have a question for you - why ? I suppose you can use steel round ball of the right diameter and weight - but why ? Wads are an integral part of shot performance and using anything else could significantly alter the performance of the load. I suppose almost anything that separates the powder from the shot would work - but why, wads are not that expensive. ?


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        My guess is that since this is under "Muzzleloading" he was asking about wads used for muzzleloading shotguns, and they're more or less spacers.

        If wanting to run a muzzleloading shotgun for dove at my fave F&W area, he'd still have to use non toxic shot. So steel would be the deal I suppose.

        Wonder if the OP has one of the old smoothbore .56 cal TC Renegades.

        Was a Russian manufacturer that made steel slugs but they had plastic bands to keep the steel from contacting the barrel. DDupleks.

        Dunno if anybody makes such a projectile for MZ.
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