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Best options for a first handgun? Price is definitely a factor.

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    PH and DM have posted....just offered observations. OP has not stated what his first handgun purchase is for.

    Hunting....small game or target.....a 22 auto w adj sights.....proly w 5.5" bbl or longer .....prev posts mentions some stuff about those.

    Also prev post said used guns can offer some savings. And prev post said for deer. 44 mag would be my choice......also backing up/ adding color to what somebody else already mentioned.

    First handgun...

    For what?

    Dunno the OPs eye quality. Reddots are of help to new shooters. Kinda mentioned that. Some guns accepto easier than others. Could be something to consider.

    Not everybody is.mechanically inclined or coordinated. An auto could be.more hassle than some want to endure. Look at how many old men cry about the Ruger Mk 3 and older.

    Good revolvers are typically more expensive.

    Note: i wont even let my ex mother in law buy a friggin Taurus.


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      My LGS has a lot of used plastic fantastics (Glock, Ruger, Springfield, Smith etc).
      If wanting something for protection and kinda sorta target shoot, then a mid to full size 9mm would probably be the way to go.

      Everything is a compromise.

      Want reduced recoil, long sight radius, target sights and good's not gonna be something easy to conceal carry in a holster.

      Even when folks tell you exactly what they want, what they must have............they usually settle for less. They listen to somebody else and totally throw away their criteria and buy something considerably different than what they absolutely must have.

      So often, it's a joke.

      Thats why my LGS has a lot of like new mid priced 9mm and .40 autos in the display cases.
      Lots of people can't make up their minds, or do impulse purchases.....or just buy something they don't like.

      The folks that can't make up their minds...... can save you some money.




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