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What's up with people talking like the Federal Assault Weapons ban will be reinstated dead certain within six months? I talked t

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  • What's up with people talking like the Federal Assault Weapons ban will be reinstated dead certain within six months? I talked t

    What's up with people talking like the Federal Assault Weapons ban will be reinstated dead certain within six months? I talked to a dealer today, and he told me Olympic Arms has had a backlog on those OA-93 AR15 pistols since the AW Ban was first lifted in 2004, and that he likely won't get anymore in before the new ban takes effect. Is this guy just trying to get me hustled into a pronto purchase, or is this legit? Help.

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    There are certainly people in the executive branch (Pres, A.G., etc...) who want the AWB reinstated, though it is low on their extremely long to do list.

    The congressional leaders (Pelosi and Reed) don't want to touch an AWB with a 10 foot pole because they know it will get their majorities voted out of their seats come 2010.

    About the only people who are really pushing for it are some crazy big city congress people who actually think it will stop gangsters from getting scary looking guns.
    (as if the drive by victims cared how scary the gun used to shoot them looked...)

    So overall, I'd call it possible but not likely that another AWB gets passed.

    Remember two things :
    1)Obama already had a perfect chance to call on congress to pass an AWB while his popularity was sky high and so was the mexican gun violence... He chose not to.

    2) there were a lot of dems elected to gun owning, traditionally republican districts... They don't want to loose their seats.

    Just like the ammo shortage and the TV ads this last fall, I'd bet he's trying to scare you into spending more money.

    ...its an effective tactic


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      Nice answer Ken, it's basically the gun/ammo industry enjoying a bonanza of fear. Now I can't buy a brick of .22 ammo anywhere. I just want to take my kids shooting. I don't think a ban is impossible, I just think the knee-jerk reaction is a bit premature.


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        who knows for sure it could go either way at this point, but i would rather be safe than sorry!


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          At this point, it's just about all hype to get you to buy everything in sight. It's making me mad. I'm sick of these prices.


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            The US Army defines assault rifles as "short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachinegun and rifle cartridges


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              So as long as our assault rifles are high powered rifle cartridges they will be legal? Looks like I can have an AR-10 or better yet the SR-25!


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                I too thougth all this was hype and still did till the liberals took over the banks,auto makers,and all in less than 5 months giving ownership to whom they please.Way to many sportsman voted for this CHANGE. I live in the south every year the news stations crap on them selves when a storm forms, that's all you here long before they even know if there is a threat. That said, it sure stinks to be with out supplys if a hurricane hits shore.I keep generator gas water food for just in case the storm comes.I think we already have a storm on shore that could take our shooting supplys. I wrote about this in answer to Mr Cooper's question about Rush Limaugh verse Humane Society/Peta. I also had answer about the hornady 130 gr,I've loaded them in 308 and 30/06 for years.I can't agree with ya on those things Mr. COOPER, please read back on page3 rifles. Thanks


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                  "the liberals took over the banks,auto makers"

                  Is more than a little misleading, its not exactly like it was against their will. The banks and auto makers were literally begging for the feds to buy their stock.

                  The feds problem is not that they forcibly took over the companies, its that they did exactly what the companies wanted and wasted unthinkable amounts of our money in the process.

                  Also, the dumping of money into both the banks and the automakers mostly took place under Bush. Someone who I consider to be extremely "liberal" but who most people consider "conservative". (see why labels are useless?)

                  "all in less than 5 months giving ownership to whom they please"
                  really? you must know something I don't know? who are they giving it to? Last I checked the government sill held 100% of the stock they had purchased. They have assigned new leadership to a couple of companies (yet another HORRIBLE idea), but this a very different thing than "giving" ownership of a corporation to someone.

                  There are sooooooooooo many reasons for good conservatives to oppose this administration, trust me, we do not have to rely on conspiracy theories or fox news style distorted facts.

                  Let the negative feedback for rational thought flow!


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                    Ken McCloud, those were good answers and I don't expect you'll get jumped here. Stanleyda's answer was good because it's always good policy for someone to run through the worst-case scenarios. At any rate, I am less inclined to rush out and buy a $1500 AR pistol now, thinking I'll never have another chance...


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                      Ken Mcloud, I agree that Bush too is at fault but remember the President has no money to spend unless the Congress and Senate gives him the money. Obama and Macain voted to start all this, they said it was the thing to do. Only 3or4 men had the nerve to vote no and hundreds in the congress and senate voted for it.Forcibly or not they took it over in less than 5 months.Obama gave the uaw 55% AND told those holding the notes for repayment they could have 10cents on the dollar that was owed to them all these companys have stock holders. These are stock holders of companys that loaded GM MONEY,in normal bankruptcy they get repaid first.This is not even legal and the attorneys for the companys that are owed money are fighting this,but they have been called and told by those on Obamas staff that they will be ruined in the press if they don't go along.These are facts, but your will not here them from those that love socialists.This bunch hates that we have guns and that we kill things and the press for the most part feels the same way.That my friend is a perfect storm for gun owners.The days of can't we just get along are gone because they won't leave us alone. I do watch FOX NEWS why not aleast some of the ones their believe in the 2nd amendment.You should always try to know if you are in someones sights,trying to think not does'nt remove you. imo. thanks Stanleyda


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                        Agreed with ken.mcloud and + 1 for you sir!!!




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