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So with everything currently happening in the Socialist State of Maryland, ammo prices are going to jack up through the roof.

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    Sorry Dakotaman, I posted before I read your post.....I say follow Dakotamans


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      Lots of good advice here. I started reloading in the 1970's. I was taught an mentored by a new friend. He remains a good friend today. He let me use his equipment and manuals, while I bought my own stuff one piece at a time. At the time, I had to take a second job to be able to afford guns and ammo. Keep the spirit, seek a mentor, tap his brain for all it's worth and embark on a great life long hobby that will save you money and make you shoot better. I'd love to be that mentor, and pay back what I was given, if you lived nearby. But, I'm in Florida; a long ways from Naziland if that is where you are at.




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