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Hey Guys. I have tried to avoid "venting" on here as much as possible, but that common sense twig in my brain just got snapped,

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    Bubba, I really like my job, but I could see myself leaving the state if the right job opened up. I'm more concerned about Colt, Stag Arms, Ruger, and the various other firearms and accessory manufactures leaving the state because many of their products can no longer be sold here. Gary, according to law, the lists will NOT be made public.


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      Thanx Moose.
      Hope all goes well for you and other "good" citizens in Connecticut!
      Best of luck!


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        Dcast has a superb idea. I know that Texas and Oklahoma have not only some good schools, but their economies are doing well and there's some really good hunting as well as job opportunities down here.


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          I know your frustration well. I grew up in MD and also moved for college (Virginia Tech). I now live in GA but return to MD each year to hunt with friends and family. It has been a consistant conversation for the last several months about the steps MD is taking towards more and more gun control and the outrage among the law-biding, responsible, gun carrying citizens is continuing to rise. But apparently being ignored by gov.

          Lately, I have been traveling with ammo etc. to hunt but last year I needed to purchase a box of 30-06 cart. and found the price for the Federals I normally buy to be 50% higher in MD (almost $40 a box)! I hope it has come down since then.
          Also, many places that used to sell loose powder for muzzleloader season, no longer carry it because of the extremely inflated license fees to sell the explosive material.
          Remember that there are many ways to take our guns and prevent gun ownership not just the straight forward bans. Limitations on magazine capacity, pricing of ammo and supplies, etc. are all tools THEY use to take the guns from the hands who should have them and do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't.


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            I used to live in NY, but now that I have experienced living in gun-friendly states, I will probably never go back. When I lived in NY, this is the process I went through to get a handgun in NY:

            -filled out an application with description of use and 3 character references listed
            -finger printing
            -FBI background check
            -paid about a $100 fee for processing
            -waited 7 months to get a phone interview from the sheriff, during which the sheriff asked me for 2 more character references on the spot (he contacted ALL of them)
            -after waiting another month, I got my CCW permit and had to pay another fee
            -went to the gun shop, whereupon another background check was administered, and was given a bill of sale
            -then went to the county clerk's office to register my handgun (because registration was mandatory for handguns) where another fee was administered...not to mention the office was 50+ miles from the gun shop
            -then returned to the gun shop to pick up my firearm

            And that was 7 years ago...I can only imagine the red tape you need to wade through now!

            When I moved to PA, I had my CCW permit in 2 weeks, and what's better is that Georgia is a reciprocal state so when I moved to GA my permit was still good! As soon as I moved out of NY, my permit was completely invalid. After all that time and money...I hate NY.


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              thanks for everything guys. deer30, not much has changed, a box of 7mm-08 rem can run me about 35 a box for gmx's or nbt's for hornady and federal. i have been sticking to the corelokts lately.

              Dcast, you are absoulutely right. i am a big baseball player and am hoping i can carry through to highscool, but if i have the choice, i'd take some small school in OK over a well known one up north.


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                Bioguy's description of the handgun licensing process in New York reminded me of the time I applied for a pistol permit while living in New York many years ago.
                The application form called for three character references. I gave the names of three neighbors. They were all contacted and asked what they knew of the applicant's familiarity with firearms.
                Fortunately, they all gave satisfactory replies, and I received a "restricted" license to carry only while hunting and target shooting.
                When I wished to buy another gun, I had to surrender my license and await the issuance of an amended license adding the second gun. I sweated that out because of the possibility that a different judge might decline my request for permission to buy the second gun and revoke my original license.
                I didn't buy my third gun until I had left New York for good. How refreshing it is to live in gun friendly states where your handgun license is treated like a driver's license with no particular guns specified.


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                  BTW, at the time of my application for a New York pistol permit, a neighbor woman who lived around the block from me also applied, and her application was denied.
                  I suspect her "character references" were not able to attest to her familiarity with firearms, or her reasons for wanting to own a handgun were not as limited as mine.
                  Also, I had inherited my first handgun, so the judge had a better reason to approve my application.
                  Overall, New York state, and NYC in particular, is like a banana republic, in which the rich and famous enjoy privileged status where firearms are concerned.


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                    99explorer - "Refreshing" describes the movement to a gun-friendly state quite well. Personally, I think if you go through all of the BS that NY puts you through to get a handgun (multiple background checks, finger printing, character references, fees, etc.) then you should have the right to carry or purchase a handgun in ANYWHERE in the US without issue, because no I doubt anyone who intends to do harm to another human being is going to go through that much red tape to purchase a handgun legally over the counter.


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                      New Jersey's paperwork is the similar to New York. I try to use references with creditably like my Doctor, Dentist and a municipal Judge that I know. It works for me and never had a problem.

                      The state gun form states "What do you want the gun for?" If you want to be rejected put down you want the gun for “home protection“. An immediate red flag will come up, and your request will be denied. Always say the gun is for hunting or target shooting.




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