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What do you think will happen about the magazines for guns? Do you think they will go to only one bullet or shell at a time and

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  • What do you think will happen about the magazines for guns? Do you think they will go to only one bullet or shell at a time and

    What do you think will happen about the magazines for guns? Do you think they will go to only one bullet or shell at a time and forget about the magazines?

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    Someone in the gun control movement has actually proposed that, in order to get around the problem of limiting magazine capacity, we should instead simply ban on all firearms capable of accepting a detachable magazine. It was dead in the water.


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        There is no practical, intelligent way to limit the magazine capacity of ALL firearms as they've proposed. They cannot paint all rifles and handguns with the same brush. Firearms, as an issue, are too varied and complex to be covered effectively with one law or regulation. I marvel at the naivete of legislators who have no technical awareness of how complicated an issue this may be, but their knee-jerk, emotional reaction is, "We must do something!" Why don't we consider issues of training, socialization and mental health?
        We observe that society has been oddly desensitized to violent behavior, but we've raised a generation on bloody computer games (violence without consequence) and consequently we've "trained" or enculturated that generation to violent behavior.
        I can type for pages...and I won't. I merely marvel at the stupidity of people who want to legislate against firearms but haven't monitored or screened the computer games their children are using, and have relied on these games to babysit or occupy their kids after school. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. Some of this is due to remote-control parenting.


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          Mr. Palumbo; Very well said.

          I only want to add, what a forsaken mess the Slippery Slope argument has turned he first amendment into. Massive advertisement of violence, marketing of garbage to our children, porn0 and I read a few months ago someone wants to again challenge the ban on child porn0 as a first amendment issue. The slippery slope argument is just bad logic when there are clearly demarcated steps.Thats why I cringe when I read someone use it here. “A" doesn’t necessarily lead into “B", just because someone tells you it does.

          As II see it most (but not all) gun violence is created by people who are NOT hunters, NOT sportsman, NOT collectors but people who got their firearms instruction from T.V. and movies and not from the Military, or NRA or their fathers and grandfathers. They never felt that few seconds of shame when taking an animals life, now think they re capable of taking a human one just because of the garbage they see on TV. Cool and effortless, pull that trigger and the judge will understand. What a bunch of [email protected]

          In my opinion the FIRST amendment slippery slope fallacy is directly responsible for this current 2nd amendment mess. If our leaders weren’t such cowards and lazy thinkers, we wouldn’t have such violent media, and and we wouldn’t have loonies thinking they can solve life’s problems with a trigger pull and get away with it. With great power comes great responsibility.

          I don’t often agree with the NRA management, but in this he is right on.


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            The arbitrary nature of the 7 round, 10 round, etc., mag. limit proves that those who push this agenda know nothing about firearms. If a crazy person takes a gun onto a playground and shoots 5 children is that worse than if he shot two? Of course not. both are tragic. If the attacker used a kitchen knife and the tally was the same would we morn less? again, no. If he used 3 different weapons, a revolver, knife and a AR 15, would it lessen the loss to the families? So why do they continue this silly argument regarding magazines? the answer is simple. It is their first move to ban firearms.


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              It seems like some states like N.Y. are passing highly restrictive laws as well as others that are passing laws that say they supersede any Federal law. I don't know if either of them will stand muster.
              On top of everything, the U.N. Conference starts March 18 for ten days at which time they want to impose global restrictions on gun activity in the United States. The one world order can not proceed as long as the United States is armed. The Obama administration is in favor of the regulations promulgated by the U.N.. If ratified by the U.S. Congress they are carved in stone.


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                Even if ratified by the Senate, no treaty with a foreign government or any international organization can enlarge the power of the president under our constitution, and he does not have the power to rescind the Second Amendment. Thank Gawd!


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                  Economics 101; threaten supply and demand will increase. Just more of that Change. I'm not even looking for high capacity mags, just a 7-rd 1911 mag and a 10-rd Ruger 10-22 mag. Nope, none, nada. If anything will decide the fate of many a Congress-Critter come the 2014 election this will be it. We certainly learned the hard way that elections have consequences. Now these elected enemies of the people need to learn the same lesson.




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