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A federal appeals court has found that once again Presiend Obama has violated the constitution when he appointed a bunch of unio

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    Here's the "sad" reality.
    "Dirty" Harry Reid (D-NV) started the "pro forma" tactic to keep Dubya from making "recess" appointments. So, Dubya DIDN'T make "recess" appointments.
    Along comes BHO!
    In his standard, backroom, after dark ways, "knowing" the Senate was in session, albeit "pro forma", decides "THAT" doesn't count and makes the appointment anyway!
    The "sad" part? His own party was the one holding the "pro forma" sessions!
    ...and the ENTIRE purpose of "pro forma" sessions is to keep a sitting president from making "recess appointments"!
    I suppose our "Constitutional Scholar" has a problem with his "oath" to "uphold and defend" the Constitution of the United States?




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