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The first of the New York legal gun owners whose names and addresses were published by a screw-ball liberal anti-gun newspaper h

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    Boycott New York.

    The political environment in the majority of the original 13 colonies is appalling, they should be ashamed.


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      I have a lifetime license in N.Y. but i think i am going to hunt else where.
      N.Y. has so many people getting something from the government they will never reverse their decline. That is exactly what is happening to the nation - remember the 47% ? They vote, and every 4 years they will vote themselves a pay(Welfare) raise. No conservative will ever win again unless he is a bigger santa clause than the liberal opponent.
      Once N.Y. gets the assault rifles registered, they will come around and collect them. Just like they did in the '60's in New York City.




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