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And so it begins... Be aware of new DOD policy to destroy spent brass:

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  • And so it begins... Be aware of new DOD policy to destroy spent brass:

    And so it begins... Be aware of new DOD policy to destroy spent brass: Any thoughts?

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    I've heard the DOD is backing off on that sh*t. Lot's of outcry from small shops that will be hurt badly financially. Hope it doesn't happen.


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      Yes, for some reason our new leader believes that paying to cut up spent brass, then selling it (to china of all places) Is much better for our country than selling it back into our own economy. Hmmm makes since to me- not!!!!


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        Does anyone know the motivation behind this policy?

        I know the easy answer is to say "The anti-gun lobby is trying to stick it to us!!". but, I really doubt it.

        Is there anyone out there so naive as to think that the columbine an Virginia tech shooters hand-loaded their own ammo? come on!?!

        People who hand load are almost exclusively the hard-core hobbyist accuracy nuts. They use their weapons almost exclusively for hunting and target shooting. (I doubt too many people use a bolt action .308 with a custom hot load for home defense)

        Even if someone were a rabid anti-gun nut, this would be last group of shooters they would go after. I know there is a lot of anti-Obama mania flying around but at the end of the day there has got to be some other reason for this.

        Does anyone know what it is?

        My money is that the brass-shredding company made a healthy donation to someone's campaign fund... but things like that NEVER happen...

        (And for the record, I am far from an Obama supporter, I just don't think that he is the anti-christ, hell bent on ruining our lives. We have plenty rock solid points to argue against his policies without jumping to biblical-scale conspiracy theories)

        (Even with that being said, I'm sure I'll draw some negative feedback for humanizing everyone's favorite buggy man)


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          At first the brass was being sold to China and what was not being sold destroyed. A couple of Congressmen and Senators have already put a screeching stop to it!


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            It's just as well. The cases are too thick and the necks need to be reamed, and it affects the powder level within. Gov't shells are made to different spec's and are junk for civilian purposes. Put fresh ammo in your fine rifle.




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