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I've been looking at getting one of the auto progressive (rifle & pistol) reloaders. I have my choices down to RCBS or Hornady.

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  • I've been looking at getting one of the auto progressive (rifle & pistol) reloaders. I have my choices down to RCBS or Hornady.

    I've been looking at getting one of the auto progressive (rifle & pistol) reloaders. I have my choices down to RCBS or Hornady. Anybody have any experience with either one? If so, what is the good and bad.

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    Auto progressive is very luring, however if you really like to tweak and make your own cartridges like I do, I prefer the RCBS 9356 - ROCK CHUCKER SUPREME PRESS hands down over the rest!

    I can do more with my single stage RCBS Rock Chucker than any other presses except the 50BMG! t&langId=en_US&action=ProductDisplay&screenlabel=i ndex&productId=2842&route=C04J146

    Nothing pisses off Civilians more at a NRA High Power Match when an Active Duty Air Force Maintenance NCO (NON-COMBAT) walks up to the firing and cleans there clock with a ½ way worn out M1 Garand and Ultra Match M1A both with open sights shooting his own ammo!

    There’s something special in those Hornady Match bullets that I find superior over the Berger’s and Sierras!

    You can put allot of “TLC” in a cartridge using a single stage!


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      I've been using a single stage RCBS Rockchucker for about 40 years and it has done everything I needed. A couple of years ago, I finally wore out the dead primer catcher (plastic). I called them and they sent me a new one with a smile. They are guaranteed for life. I'm with Clay on the fact that I can finese loads more with a single stage... If I were loading a lot of highly accurate rifle loads, I would save the extra money for an electronic powder measure (RCBS) to speed the process. If you are loading tons of pistol ammo, then the progressive is worth it. I just don't like to throw rifle loads with a volumetric measure... they are not accurate enough with most extruded cylindrical powders.


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        DakotaMan is dead on!


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          Check out my message board post "I love Hornady". I'm still lovin' 'em!


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            Jay, if you are still interested I have an RCBS 2000 Progressive I'd like to sell - [email protected]


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              Agreed with DakotaMan and + 1 for you sir!!!




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