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i looked at a glock 27 today to use as a backup weapon for my job. the model was old but in decent condition but the guy wanted

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  • i looked at a glock 27 today to use as a backup weapon for my job. the model was old but in decent condition but the guy wanted

    i looked at a glock 27 today to use as a backup weapon for my job. the model was old but in decent condition but the guy wanted almost five hundred for it. i can't believe how much these small handguns have gone up recently. anyone else having similar experience?

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    My brother is a security guard and had one. They are junk. The trigger safety is downright scary. He traded it for a nice 1911 Colt .45. One of the newer, lighter versions. I loved to shoot the service .45 when I was an Army MP but it was a bugger to keep my pants pulled up after they banned the Sam Brownee belts with shoulder strap.


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      Yes. We've been looking to buy another small, stainless .38 revolver. It seems in the past year the average went from $280 up to $420.


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        While I can't comment on your particular experience, I too have noticed the upward trend in handgun prices. I think this is the natural forces of supply and demand at work, with extra demand being spurred by fears of more gun control from Washington.
        The President has a pretty full plate with the economy and international terrorism to deal with when he is finished with health care reform, but it may only a matter of time before "crime in the streets" becomes a focal issue once again.


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          I regularly experience "sticker shock" when I examine used handguns; they seem to have appreciated at a greater rate than rifles. I've lost track of current gun values in the used market, and my estimate of their value doesn't seem to be shared by the shops in my area that sell used handguns.


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            Yes, I accompanied my wife to a trade show last week. The dealer price on guns of all types has risen dramatically. Used guns seem to follow suite.


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              I know the prices are going crazy but I don't think a used Glock is worth $500 unless it's virtually brand new--only fired once in church by a little old lady--something like that.


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                I have not seen a dramitic price...I have seen some recent prices that compared very nice to my budget but the shape was not.
                It seemed that I should just buy new if I wanted it to be in the condition I would keep it in.
                I really enjoy the 45apc. I have a nice hi-tech, yeah some will say junk, but it is being used in the desert right now and it has never failed me.
                I do agree with our "present government" they are jacking up prices not only on guns but ammo! man I need a reloader!


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                  you said it matt. i have seen some that looked like someone used them to hammer nails with.


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                      Actually Iprefer 1911A1! I do not care for Glocks, mainly because of the "Safety" in the Trigger. Even though I am not quite a stupid as the football playing genius with the funny name I don't feel confident.


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                        Glock 27 Prices
                        What is a good price for a glock 27 with or without night sights with a law enforcement discount? Anybody have one for sale??
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                        Getting paid to play!

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                        Not sure about where you are, but I bought mine w/ night sights and two extra clips, both with extenders for $405.
                        In law enforcement, the customer is ALWAYS wrong.

                        In God we trust. Everyone else is run through NCIC.

                        Sometimes there is justice. Sometimes there is just us.

                        I'd rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6.

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                          #1 great choice you cant get better than a glock.
                          #2 dont pay over $450 for one just shot around and you can find them under $500


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                            there is a place called arrington police supply that sell new ones for $425 to LEO's only. they are located all over the united states.


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                              I like the trigger safety on the Glock. Like with any firearm, you need to be familiar with what you carry. The Glock should be holstered--not tucked into the waistband of some droopy shorts--that's how famous football players end up shooting themselves.




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