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  • How Hot is Hot ?

    I checked for the Nova P-50 survival light how hot the 'plasma' firestarter included is. The average temp of plasma is about 10,500 deg. the temp of a regular fire can range up to about 5,000 deg, Average fires are around 1,000 deg. Hottest part of a regular flame is the blue part near it's orgin - could be 3,000 deg.

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    The Lone Ranger and Tonto cast their silver bullets after melting the silver over a campfire.
    The melting point of silver is about 1,700 F., so they must have built very large campfires.


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      You don't need to post again.
      I have faith in my light.
      I have a lighter like you are talking about - that is for lighting cigarettes. I don't think it comes anywhere near the temp of a plasma flamem if it did it would melt. Did you ever start a fire with it?
      My light will light wet paper.
      Solar charger works good as does the phone jack.
      So, don't worry about my light.


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        I waited for my Nova P-50 to shut down on low battery. Charged it with a phone charger at 5v and 1.55A. I don't think it took much - maybe 5 or 6 hours.




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