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8 Survival Knives That Might Help You Win A Bear Fight

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    Originally posted by Solitario Lupo View Post
    You would think they would have some bigger Bowie knives. I would rather fight of the Bear with my Rambo knife. Heck even my machete would be a better reach than a pocket knife.
    I'm pretty good with a machete in hand and could probably do well with it against a black bear... IF I saw the attack coming. I don't know how an angry or wounded pig would react to being slashed. Most machete blades are shaped for hacking and not stabbing, so once the animal got inside your reach you would be very limited. I have a short machete with 10-inch blade that I've re-shaped for stabbing but I rarely carry it. The short blade hinders it's use in clearing brush but is too long for most knife work.

    Here's a photo of the long knives that I've carried in the field. I've posted pics of the top two in the past.

    > At top is the Cold Steel Boar Hunter with 8.75-inch blade. The dual-hilt grip provides for excellent retention and control during use. I've used it to finish off a few wounded deer with a stab to the heart but have never used it on a pig. The straight sharpened edge makes the knife good at stabbing but not for field dressing. I've also used it for hacking through briers in thick undergrowth. The AUS-8A blade can be sharpened to a razor's edge but doesn't seem to retain it as well as other steels. The blade shape of Cold Steel's OSI would probably be a better choice. I've considered reshaping the Boar Hunter to provide some up-sweep, somewhat like a drop-point configuration.

    > The middle knife was handmade from a farrier's hasp. It has an 8-inch blade and should do the job but I've yet to use it on an animal. The knife makers are here in Alabama and I ran into them at one of local state parks during 'trade days'. One guy does all the metal work and the other fits the handles. Obviously it's high carbon steel and seems to hold a good edge, but I've barely used it.

    > At the bottom is another handmade knife I picked up at a gun show about 20 years ago. The knife maker was from Tennessee and used some kind of industrial saw-blade for the steel. I've finished several deer and pigs with that 6-inch blade. As you can see, the high carbon steel can tarnish but it does hold an excellent edge. I'll probably retire it to kitchen use.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Long Blades for hunting.jpg Views:	0 Size:	99.3 KB ID:	717816
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      Originally posted by Happy Myles View Post
      Pig hunter, let me think on sharing my story again. The hate mail I received last time upset my kids and grandkids badly. Most attacks are over in a few seconds, the damage is done before you have a chance to defend yourself. Leaving one trying to get even, rather than preventing anything. My injuries were enough to require service of plastic surgeon. I have fired off one of the huge, industrial grade pepper sprays. Wow, they are like a bomb going off, do not require a lot of accuracy. A big plus!
      Happy Miles, was that story shared here at F&S? Thanks for mentioning the pepper spray. I'll carry some when next hiking in Southern Tennessee.




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