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Can you tie a bowline

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    Originally posted by MattM37 View Post
    In my early twenties I went to a week-long canoeing and water-rescue course and there was plenty on knots, the bowline being the first we were taught, being originally a nautical knot. Actually, most knots were probably invented on ships, come to think of it. For those who aren't canoeists or boaters, the beauty of the bowline is that it won't come undone but still affords some give-and-take when you tie off your boat, so its motion on waves or current won't over-strain the line or knot.

    I learned other hitches and knots from a variety of books I read in my teen years, among them Skills for Taming the Wilds and The Master Backwoodsman by Bradford Angier. He was quite a windbag with the language but always had good information. Or at least interesting information: Does anyone want to cook venison in a puddle of water by dropping in fire-heated rocks? If so, Angier's your guy.

    Anyway, his books always seemed to have the most helpful drawings of knots and how to tie them. Some guide-books I've seen have diagrams and illustrations that are no help at all.
    Prime rib au mud-puddle. Sounds interesting. The sand and gravel should help keep the teeth clean. No need for toothpaste. Reminds me of the so-called camp cook the US Forest Service set us up with back in '74. He started off barbecuing a porcupine for the crew one evening (not enough meat on a porky to feed one guy let alone a dozen and what meat was on the thing tasted like turpentine). The only desert he knew how to make was banana pudding with vanilla wafers. Every single night. Almost made me gag just writing about it. To this day I can't stand banana pudding. We put up with that (and his creepy habit of hanging around the outhouse) but then he crossed the line. First night in to camp for a week's work, the boss brought a cooler full of steaks from town. I was crippled from sprained ankle so on light duty working around camp. Cookie set me to building a big fire from tamarack to barbecue the steaks. "Let me know when you've got a good bed of coals." I did, he showed up with the cooler, and proceeded to throw the steaks in the fire! What the ...? "Oh, you'll like it that way, I guarantee it." When the crew came in from work and saw their steaks in the fire, the cook almost got thrown in with the meat. No kidding! And our crew boss was at the head of the line to kill the guy. That night cookie was hauled off tied up and gagged in the back of a pickup. Endured almost fifty miles of super dusty/bumpy road back to town. USFS replaced him with a fat greasy Russian guy who couldn't speak a word of English or cook anything but pancakes. I managed a transfer.
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      When I was a kid in the Boy Scouts, we used to throw potatoes in the fire to roast.
      We called them "mickies."




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