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Survival diet.

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  • Survival diet.

    I don't have a source to verify this, but it seems too simple to be true.

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    Sure, why not? Most peoples since the dawn of mankind have survived without much or any variety. Having lots of food choices is a relatively new thing.

    According to old-time outdoor writer Bradford Angier, you can survive on all-meat diet if you drink pine-needle tea for the vitamin C, and as long as some of the meat has some fat in it. (Personally, I think you'd need to find some carbohydrates somewhere, too)

    Spuds are rich in Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, and obviously you'd have your starch. I don't know if the protein content of butter is enough, but you'd have your fats, and there is some protein in the potatoes. Now, if it was potatoes and peanut butter, you'd be all set.

    There are all kinds of combinations of just two or three foods that could keep you alive for years.
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      Fat and protein. Wash it down with some water your good to go.


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        If you eat 3 kilos a day you'd be getting enough protein for a sedentary male from the potatoes. If you decided to just get protein from butter you'd need 8 kilos per day. So no, you can't live on only the two.

        I've spent lots of time in places where rice is the main staple and if you run out of rice you dig up bamboo roots. Both very starchy. People are deficient in protein despite eating every single minnow, small grub, larvae, or insect they can get their hands on to say nothing of song birds and larger game. I've eaten a lot of weird things and in the end they all taste pretty good.


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          It was the potato famine that drove my grand parents from their home in Ireland to the USA. There was terrible loss of life in the later years of the 1800’s in Ireland due to the famine, so that indicates to me that the stories of the importance of potatoes as a food source, and most of the time, the only source, are very true of the potato being self sufficient for survival. Potatoes are certainly not a food for people on a weight watcher diet as they are very fattening with their high starch content, or is that only a old wives tale ?


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            I'm not cool w dairy or wheat (body doesn't like it, never has really).
            Always been a meat and veg guy (even as a kid).
            Kill the bread, potatoes and pop and should stay pretty good.

            Lightly seasoned meat (fish, fowl or critter) veg (like squash and other though)......good enough.

            Do like sausages and red potatoes...........dangit.

            Biggest culprit is my screwed up spine and foot that acts up.
            Moving is key to staying mobile, and keeping weight down.

            Have to weed today. Ol lady out already. I'm cripped up, took alleve...........waiting for it to kick in. Up all night.

            Sleep..............whatever that is. Heard it's a good thing, lack of it throws the furnace off and screws up weight.


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              Originally posted by Solitario Lupo View Post
              Fat and protein. Wash it down with some water your good to go.
              There's water in beer.




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