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I don't want to sound racist but I just heard Muslims do not use toilet paper. Is this true or false?

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    Hey Rational2019, the only thing that should go down the toilet drain is toilet paper and fecal matter. Wet ones, handy wipes and other wipes clogg drains. Other items that clogg main sewer lines are sanitary napkins, paper towels, tampons, napkins, Q-Tips, prophylactics,
    kleenexs, and even that thick soft toilet paper you like.
    I know because I been making good money off of human negligence for over 45 years and being a full time licensed Master Plumber since 1981.


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      It is mostly a cultural/practical 'thing' and used in certain parts of India/Africa and other countries as well.


      Following this prophetic ideal, Muslims are advised to say this supplication before entering into the toilet. While on the toilet, one must remain silent. ... Eating any food while on the toilet is strictly forbidden. The anus must be washed with water using the left hand after defecating.

      Who will have the most 'germs' on their hands after a public toilet visit, I wonder---washing your hands or not--- [like a huge percentage of western males not do?]

      Yes, its a very smelly , awkward place to visit/use if nature calls and you have no other option available.

      We do have a huge problem in keeping especially the female toilets clean when visited by certain cultures--[modern, educated, smart and women who do take care of their appearance]

      There are no 'easy' answers here on this topic as its a reality even today all over the world.

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        In SEAsia I've seen only water, there's a plastic scoop bowl and a huge cistern of standing water. All squat toilets too. Most people, just about all, take minimum 2 showers a day, in the hot or wet seasons it's often 3 or 4. Every public restroom doubles as a shower. When you visit someone often enough they ask you if you'd like to shower. Clean people. The toilet has a trap and a simple septic system with a 55 gallon drum buried in rocks, gravel, sand. When it floods the water is not to be drunk.

        China there were no flush toilets where I lived. Public toilets every block or so, boys one side, girls the other. Concrete, squat over concrete trench with slanted bottom so it all eventually slides down into holding tank awaiting bucketing out to be carted down to be spread over the fields. Farmers pay money to scoop it out. Small villages had similar all over the place but with a wall waist high and room for one person. Nothing went to waste. China took some getting used to.




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