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BLIZZARD WARNING, for New York City. The mayor just stated on the news this could be the biggest snow storm in NYC history dumping over three feet of snow. Anybody out there in the track of this storm?

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    I'm about 45 mins west of Boston.. so I'm right in the middle of it!

    Lots of work... same amount of $$$ as small storm, so I'm not extremely thrilled!


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      Originally posted by Pray- hunt-work View Post
      My wife's cousin is back in Maine visiting family but heads back Tuesday morning for NYC. I advised him to stay and either beg his boss for mercy or tell him to shove it. No word yet on weather Jon will travel or not. In a second story, my father drives to Boston tomorrow night to pick up my mother from Logan Airport, at least the old man is used to winter weather and very capable. Jon on the other hand wears a scarf....
      Not lite, but very yuppy. His Russian girlfriend is beautiful, but I doubt i would wear. Scarf for any women. I'll finish with this, " his daddy didn't play with him much when he was a kid"


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        Originally posted by Gary Devine View Post
        Get out the snow machines and be careful everybody. Many people die shoveling snow. Please take coffee, soup or hot chocolate breaks.
        Good Luck!
        Stay safe my friends, especially you old guys! Only expecting 6 to 8" here. Looking forward go it.




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