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Like many of you old geezers out there, I am fast approaching the 6 million $$ man. No I am not talking about salary. I am tal

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  • Like many of you old geezers out there, I am fast approaching the 6 million $$ man. No I am not talking about salary. I am tal

    Like many of you old geezers out there, I am fast approaching the 6 million $$ man. No I am not talking about salary. I am talking about cyborg parts. I have dental impacts, a hearing aid and bifocals. In addition to really bad knees, They are now trying to talk me into a hip transplant. Apparently crappy joints runs in my family, I have heard good and bad about joint replacements. I have been fighting it up until now. So; Who has one? How well does it work? Would you do it again?

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    Although I do not have a replacement I work in the medical field and regularly have patients who have had replacements on both hips and knees. I have however had both knees reconstructed along with a broken hip at one point in my life. If I may give you this insite that I have seen and deal with daily. Replacements of hips and knees can offer a great increase in the quality of life of the patient. A good Ortho surgon along with good physical therapy can lead to a healthier joint with more rang of motion and a higher activity level wit less pain. Now with that said, just as anything there are always risks that come with it. the advice that I can give you is that if the joints are painful and you have noticed a large decline in your ability through the years it might be a good idea to have them replaced. Are they wanting to replace both hips or just on? both knees or just one? Although the recovery back to 100 % is long, I have never had a patient tell me that they regret having the replacement. With this in mind, most of the problems that I have witnessed with joint replacements come from the patient not following or doing what the doctor has said and not doing what they were suppose to do. Having a good physical therapist is really just as important as a good doctor. The other peice of advice I can offer is that if you are going to have both knees replaced then have them done at the same time, I would not suggest having one done then waiting for healing then have the other done. If you have them both done at the same time then you can recover from both at the same time rather than spending a whole year trying to get both done you can count on about 6 months before you are 100 %. hope that it helps.


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      I had a total knee replacement done six years ago, and am so glad I did it.
      I was ready for that operation about seven or eight years earlier, but a second opinion by another orthopedic surgeon advised against it because I was able to walk up stairs with reciprocal steps, rather than leading with my good leg and dragging the other one behind me.
      As DesertWalker said, the physical therapy after the operation is vitally important to a full recovery.


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        My brother-in-law has had both hip joints replaced. His only comment is he wishes he had had them done years ago. I am 75 and my only association with crappy joints involved drinking establishments.


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          I had bilateral knee replacement in NY Hospital for Special Surgery. All they do are bones fingers 2 toes. Like everybody said I should have done it years ago. Only thing I would add flex the joint to the max the first week to avoid scare tissue and stiffness down the road. They will give you opiates to do this. Take advantage and force your rehab and you will be as good as new. Also drop a few pounds. You will do yourself a favor.


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            Ditto to Hap! The two things my Dad told me. Avoid Bars wih small windows "They can't keep paying to replace them"; "And if you must drink, drink something that Smells so they know your Drunk and not Stupid".


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              I am having some issues with left hip now so this subject is of interest to me. My other joints are pretty good although I pretty much used up my hands and elbows years ago working horses and picking geese in a cold garage. I have heard that one of the most important keys to recovery from hip/knee replacements is weight. Those I have known who were not obese recovered much quicker and more completely. This is also particularly true with back surgeries. Lean people have a much better chance of returning to some kind of reasonably active lifestyle after vertebrate fusions.


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                Rocky, a lady friend of mine (an R.N.) had a knee replaced and had to have it done again. The first was a joint that was subsequently recalled. So, do your homework and pick the Dr. that does the most of them with the best outcomes and uses the best joint. Ask questions. Get in the best shape you can prior to surgery - loose weight, stop smoking, exercise what you can, etc.
                As others have said, Physical therapy is most important and will play a part in the final outcome. Good luck.


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                  The importance of post-op physical therapy cannot be overemphasized.

                  Mah ole daddy had tears rnnnin down his face fur a coupla yearz after having both hip joints replaced in hiz late 60's.

                  Got him onto a bicycle to ride with me every AM.

                  Only took a few months to make those tears go away and his legz pumped up and looked like they did when he wuzza collegiate tight end.

                  Ah could only give him a 2-minute head start on a 15 mile chase, and Ah ended up winning the bicycle leg of a triathlon relay which mah team won!


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                    From one old geezer to another!
                    I messed up my hip on 1991.
                    My option then was repair or replace. I went with "repair".
                    It worked until 2005.
                    At that point I looked like Walter Brennan's character, Grandpappy Amos only a little more stooped.
                    I sat down in a rocking chair one evening. After shifting into every possible position, I realized that I COULD NOT get comfortable. Since that meant not rocking my infant grandson, I decided on replacement surgery.
                    Three months down the road and I was able to kick my own butt gor not having it done sooner! LOL!
                    Unless you know me, you can't tell by my "gait" I have an implant.

                    Point No. 2

                    And this is the biggest one!
                    Obama's ill-fated ACA will have an "Independent Payment Advisory Board"!
                    The IPAB will be a panel of Gov't appointed, non medically trained people who will decide whether individuals (especially seniors!) get joint replacement surgery or pain meds!

                    My advice is get it done before the IPAB kicks in!


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                      "Who has one?"
                      I do! I had a hip replaced in 2005!

                      "Does it work?"
                      A very emphatic, "HELL YES!"
                      Had I known, I would have done it in 1991!

                      "Would you do it again?"
                      Do I "WANT" to do it again?
                      A very emphatic, "HELL NO!"
                      Not because of the hip, it's about not going through surgery again! If my other hip goes bad, I wouldn't think twice about having it replaced.
                      I'm sure there's some folks here who have been "sliced 'n diced" more than I have, but I've had my share.
                      The regained mobility and pain relief are well worth the rehab, which somebody else above advised! Follow through with rehab!

                      Take the time to find a competent orthopaedic surgeon.
                      I went to McBride Clinic in OKC! Those folks are superb.
                      My surgeon was THE lead Olympic orthopedic surgeon at one time.
                      I checked in Monday morning at 6am, out of surgery by 11am. Checked out Wednesday afternoon. Two weeks later, I was walking without a cane or walker!

                      DO IT!
                      DO IT!
                      DO IT!


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                        Rocky, my next door neighbor had both his knees replaced. He said it was the best thing he ever did.
                        He also said he is no longer in pain.
                        Go for it!

                        It is tough getting old. I need a deer cart today to get game out of the woods. Back during the early seventies in the prime of my life I would put a New Jersey buck over my shoulders and carry him out of the woods. The only bad thing about that is the deer ticks would leave the cold carcass and head for my warm body.


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                          I had a knee replaced 3 years ago and wish I had done it sooner. For about 2 weeks after you have it done you will say to yourself" WHY IN THE HE## DID I DO THIS". The pain from the physical therapy is terrible for 2 weeks but after that it is okay. My wife pushed me hard with the physical therapy and I am glad she did because that is the key to a complete healing and complete movement. My buddies mother didn't push herself in therapy and had to be put to sleep and her knee bent again. Needless to say she had a terrible sore knee for awhile. I can't stress enough the importance of physical therapy. The local hospital is just 5 minutes from my house and I had therapy 3 days a week, 2 hours a day for 5 weeks after my surgery and then 2 hours at home every other day. It sure paid off for me. My Dr. told me that I could go play golf 4 weeks after I had it replaced but I waited 6 weeks.


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                            Make sure to inform your Dentist after you get it done. You'll need to be pre-medicated with antibiotics for a couple of years.


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                              I have to take 2 antibiotic pills 1 hour before going to the dentist. My dentist says I will have to do that forever just to be on the safe side.




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