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Today marks that first big age milestone. I have been on this Earth for eighteen years. Do you guys have any advice to give a yo

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  • Today marks that first big age milestone. I have been on this Earth for eighteen years. Do you guys have any advice to give a yo

    Today marks that first big age milestone. I have been on this Earth for eighteen years. Do you guys have any advice to give a young man? What would you tell the 18-year-old you?

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    I would have objectively and enthusiastically encouraged myself to press on to college. I enlisted at age 17, and candidly admit I did not complete my baccalaureate until I was 50.
    I would have encouraged myself to be selective in my choice of peers and to appreciate those friendships and relationships that brought out the best in me. I would have cautioned myself to think with the head on my shoulders and to have avoided the instincts of my genitalia in the decision-making process. I would remind myself to consider that I do have a future, and I build upon it with every class, every assignment, every grade.
    I wish you a very happy birthday and a long, productive life. Your life is unique and priceless beyond measure; treat every decision, every choice, with care and choose the path of honor and integrity instead of convenience. I hope every year of your life allows you to look back on the previous year as a gift...but that is in your hands. Godspeed.


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      1)Go to college as soon as I finish school for Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering.

      2)Go ahead and marry your Junior High Sweetheart instead of waiting 5 yrs.

      3)Save your money instead of buying useless thing you want.

      4)Don't buy that car because it is cool looking

      5)Enjoy your time now because it goes by fast now that your about to enter the real world.

      6) Explore more & party less

      I've only been out for 13 years and it seems like yesterday! Listen to your parents, grandparents, & all the oldtimers because when they say time flies they lived it and it does. I'm not even twice your age and I'm astounded of where time went and the time I've wasted being me.


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        Wear hearing protection at all times when shooting!


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            Take chances. That beauty queen would really like to have a date.

            Shut up and listen. You never will hear this the same way again.

            Push yourself. Now is the time to explore when your body can take it. Don't wait till your 50 to take that long trek or climb that mountain.

            Tell your loved ones that they are loved every chance you get. Hug and kiss your mama every day that you can.

            Dream big. You never know which one will, and can, come true.

            Find a creative outlet. Man should leave something good behind.

            Be spiritual. Notice I said spiritual.

            Never lie to yourself. Once you start you can never quit.


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              I would tell an 18yo Greenhead:
              1) Go to the school you want, not where she wants to go. You'll break up first semester, anyway.
              2) Study a hard science.
              3) As busy as you think you are in college, it is the most free time you will have until you retire.
              4) Stop overcooking your meat. Every animal tastes better a little underdone.
              5) Always do sober what you said you would do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. - Hemingway
              6) A duck call is a musical instrument, and requires as much practice.
              7) Don't date dumb girls.
              8) You don't need a TV. Get a library card.
              9) Travel.
              10) Women love compliments. Be specific.
              11) Catch trash fish.


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                If you even suspect you will need higher education to follow your dreams go now when its easiest then take some time in your twenties to do things you can't do later in life. I would also tell myself to worry less because things work out eventually. Also don't waste this time or any time in life its the one thing you can't get back.


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                    1. Save early and often. Roth IRA, 401k etc.
                    2. Marry a girl that is good with money and not afraid to clean a toilet or use a stove.
                    3. Start applying for moose, sheep, elk and mule deer tags now. That way when you are 40 or 50 you actually may have a shot at the tags you want before you end up in a nursing home.
                    4. Cars are the worse investment you can possibly make, buy wisely.


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                        I may be going against the grain, but I would say go to a trade school and learn a skill. Welding, for example. Milling, all of those big$$$$ CNC milling machines need people to program them.
                        Go to college only if it is needed for your career goal- too many people 4 years older than you are walking around right now without a job and $50,000 + in debt.
                        Stay out of bars and clubs, a waste of money and time. I have nothing against having a beer after a hard days work, but dropping all of you hard earned cash getting trashed and then making a fool out of yourself in front of the opposite sex will leave you broke and possibly 18 years responsible for fling you can not even remember.
                        No drugs-period. Nothing good comes from them.
                        Spend as much of your free time out in the woods, up in the mountains, with nature all around you. You will never regret your time in God's country, and never forget that it is HIS COUNTRY, treat it with respect.
                        Make your own decisions, but listen to old timer's advice- sometimes a person can learn from OTHERS mistakes!


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                            Choose a career that is something you truly enjoy and can make a living at and support a family. Be realistic.
                            If you are interested in a family, don't put it off, but at the same time don't live over your means.
                            The Government may not be there for you when you retire so plan now to be able to provide for yourself.
                            The Ten Commandments were carved in stone - live them.
                            Several times in your life you will have to make major decisions - gather as much information about your situation, analyze and trust yourself to make the right decision for you and your family. On the other hand if you make a mistake, pick up the pieces and start over again - everyone has had to do that at some time in their life.
                            There are a lot of good suggestions in these answers, read them and give them some consideration.
                            Have a good life.


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                              Only pass up the opportunities that will get you no where. Help your neighbor, mentor those that need it, and be mentored by those willing to teach. God gave you two ears and one mouth so that you could listen twice as much as you talk. The wisest and greatest generation before you will always be the one presently passing away, our nation and world is constantly getting less intelligent. Always under promise and over deliver, your relationships will be much stronger as a result. What ever you do for work, work hard. You'll sleep better and be much more rewarded. As said above, the ten commandments were carved in stone, live by them. Love is a verb, an action word. If you do not show love as an action, chances are, you're not showing it. God bless you, and happy birthday.




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