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What in your opinion makes a good bug out bag? What is the exact purpose of such a bag? How long and how many people ahould be s

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  • What in your opinion makes a good bug out bag? What is the exact purpose of such a bag? How long and how many people ahould be s

    What in your opinion makes a good bug out bag? What is the exact purpose of such a bag? How long and how many people ahould be sustained off of one bag? Help me out because I am considering putting one together, one can never be TOO careful...

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    Its a reason to convince yourself to buy things you want but can't otherwise justify as useful, that will be used in an emergency. I just stock my truck with MRE's etc cause its always with me and have dipped into it a few times for matches etc. Other people would use it to escape civilization that is collapsing. I'm staying home if anything bad happens cause small towns are awesome. Its always good to plan for emergencies and putting supplies together for problems is smart if you can afford it. I have mres, a water filter, crank radio(walmart),rope, and a tent in mine. Plus like 8 knives because I buy every one I see and all the drawers in the house are full.


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      Here is a good place to start.


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        I have 2000 rounds of .22 long rifle, 100 in .204 ruger, and 200 in .284 win, around 300 12 gauge shells of different shot and slugs, 5 gallons of water, A few dozen MRE's and mountain house's, a jet boil, big box of matches, tent, blankets, a katadyn pump water purifier, basic fishing gear, rope and other outdoor basics in my "bugout" set up. it wont fit in a bag but it fits into my truck and will keep me and my family alive for a few days. it is more about being prepared then waiting for all hell to break lose.


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          Matthew, go visit Creek Stewarts website He is very knowledgeable in all things survival and explains his reasoning for bugout bags and why he puts what he does in them. People think bugout bags are for the fearful conspiracy theorists but they come in handy for people that go through natural disasters like those in OK. Bugout bags keep all necessities in one place with the ability to transport them in an emergency. Anyway his website has countless useful information and hours of reading and learning.


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            I have mini bags for the vehicles, that I update via the season, you need shelter(poncho,space blankets,gloves) water,fire, and tools.
            for my car my bag has the above and duck-tape,vise-grips,multitool,electrical tape,gloves,zip ties. I picked up some S.S. zip ties which are great for emergency repairs.


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              When in the Service, We all had AWOL Bags..Hahaha...


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                Hahahaaa treestand!!

                I'll check that out dcast and bruised

                RJ I think I'll make one for my vehicle!

                Thanks all!




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