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ok my question about camp safety i camp in remote area s alot by my self for long period of time and am allway looking for survi

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  • ok my question about camp safety i camp in remote area s alot by my self for long period of time and am allway looking for survi

    ok my question about camp safety i camp in remote area s alot by my self for long period of time and am allway looking for survival idea s i have to admit there have been some tense nites out there. i do the hanging the food upwind from bears and wild animals, but am always looking to learn new way to improve on the survival aspect of things. i run the line for a signal alarm, but am looking for more ways to protect the camp from unwanted critters while i sleep any and all tips and advice is wanted.

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    My cousin Mark and I went backpacking in Yellowstone and Glacier National parks back in the 70's. We wore noisy bear bells on our backpacks. Both parks have a large grizzly bear population. Keep a clean camp. While you are cooking be on alert of your surroundings. Wash your cooking utensils. We hung everything up in a tree that a bear could smell. Such as candy, gum, toothpaste, life savors, under arm deodorant and the clean cooking utensils.
    We could hear something big walking around in our camp at night. We never turned on the flashlight or open the pup tent zipper to investigate. We didn't want to upset a grizzly bear at point blank range.
    I even heard stories that grizzly bears can smell the blood from a woman's menstrual cycle.

    Take pills to purify your drinking water so you don't get beaver fever or other bacteria. Good Luck!


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      I understand that there are now portable electric bear-protection fencing systems on the market for campers, but I have no experience with them.


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        A griz can reach up quite high. Do you hang your food, etc. up high enough?

        Also, the electric fence mentioned is being used more and more. They are battery operated.

        And by all means...keep bear spray handy...the stuff WORKS...!! Just make sure that it's EPA registered.

        And, of course, keep your ears and eyes alert at all times.


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          "Front Towards Enemy."


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            Hang all food and game at least 12' off the ground and 8' away from the tree trunk and 100 yards up wind from where you sleep. Likewise, do not prepare food within 100 yards of where you sleep. As quiet as it is kept, moose can be more of a problem than bears. If you camp with a dog it can be much more of a liability than protection. A moose will see any canine as a threat and will go out of its way to kill it. A dog may start out fierce until it realizes what it is barking at, then the bear will chase it right home to you. A moose walking through your camp can raise havoc. Some #8 shot in its hind quarter will send it on its way. Know which way the wind is blowing before unleashing a blast of bear spray or the back blast may just bag the bear's meal for it and season it with a spicy southwestern flavor. If a bear does pay your camp a visit while you were away, salvage what you can and move your camp to another location at least five miles away preferably down wind from where it was. When in bear country I carry a sidearm that produces 500 or more foot/pounds of energy at 100 yards. For me that is a .44 mag.




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